TrueGameHeadz is the brain child of a group of gamers who all hail from NYC and have come to appreciate all the great things about video games. We have been playing games since the old age of Atari 2600 and have gathered every system and worthwhile game since! This site was actually formed based on the stress of reviewers not giving the consumers the "real" on games. A lot of reporters in the industry have either become jaded or too friendly with the developers to give a real account of games. We feel that this may have helped stunt the industry as innovation and good gameplay has been tossed to the side in lieu of sequels and exciting Hollywood or Comic book crossovers.

Slowly we have witnessed the industry that we love get brought down by too much fluff and the truly inspiring titles get thrown to the side. With the boom of broadband internet video, the possibilities are there to allow regular "joes" to create their own "programming". We couldn't get our own TV show (maybe some day!), so this is the next best thing. We can bring you the unfiltered reviews of games and let you know what's what.

Now we must let you know that we aren't in support of any particular system. We rate the games for themselves and aren't afraid to let any of you know what's the best bang for your dollars.

Check out our blogs, leave comments and let us know what you think of the show and any ideas you may have to make this the hottest show about videogames ever!

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