XFPS 360 Pro

For those of us who played shooters exclusively on the PC for the past several years are a little too used to our keyboard+mouse setup. While the 360 is an amazing piece of device, it can’t do everything and this includes having good controls for the shooter genre. It’s one of the main reasons I couldn’t stand Halo 1 and 2. Halo 3 is a little bit better, but I still prefer my old setup on my PC that made me spend sleepless killing off people and typing in broken english as taunts.

Introducing the XFPS 360 Pro. It is device that allows you to connect a keyboard, mouse, and a PS2 controller. However, you need an XBOX 360 wired controller to active the device.

The problem? This is the second edition of the device. The first edition had some major grief with many of the mouses and resulted in a “deadzone”, meaning you couldn’t move the mouse very well. As every PC Gamer knows, mouse sensitivity is a big issue when it comes between the prey and predator.

So even though the device sound like a good idea, it might not even work as intended. There isn’t many reviews for this new second edition, but let’s say if it does function perfectly unlike the first one, there will definitely be something else for Christmas besides Halo 3. The price tag of this is around $80.

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