Xbox360 luv’s zombies…

Aight folks, raise your hand if you ever wanted to fight some nasty lookin’ zombies and some bloody puss filled things as a scantly clad woman with big weapons and a cowboy hat? I know i have and thanks to the fine folks from D3 it seems that we’ll get that chance! check out these pics of a japanese game called:The Onechan Bara vorteX: The Devil Evolution Human.. yea that’s a mouthful. Currently it’s a japanese release only but im pretty sure it’ll be makin it’s way stateside. Can someone tell me why this game looks like Doa vs. zombie rejects from the house of the dead series? Any ways peep the pics below and sound off in the forums on this game.
P.s. is that what happened to the whale from the first sonic adventure game?

Unit out

you can check the rest here:

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