Xbox 360 has been a success so far! 6 Million Sold!


Closing in on being 1 year old, the XBOX360 is deemed a success. It has passed 6 million consoles Sold. NOT SHIPPED as some numbers often refer to. What does this mean? They have a sizeable lead in the market. Not an insurmountable lead because of Nintendo’s relatively inexpensive system, but an important one. That is 6 million sold without the help of a true system seller. I’m excited to see what Gears of War will do for that number. We all know what the mighty Halo will bring next year. 

Good news for the industry? I think the success of Microsoft is pleasing in lieu of the bashing they got when they announced they were entering the industry. They have a good user base and developers are showing support. Now your playing with Power! LOL HAHAHA

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