Won’t have any time to play games this Summer!

Well whaddaya know? I guess its good we’ll be in a drought, cause I won’t have any time to play any videogames… What will I be doing? I’ll be living at the Movies!!! Every year we say it’s the biggest in movie history as far as, quality Blockbusters. Now we’ve all come to realize based on numbers that $100 million (USD) aint what it used to be. With rising budgets and competition, movies have to hit $200 million (USD) to be considered a success! Not only that, you’ve gotta hit $300 million for even talk of being a blockbuster.

The least we could say is that, this year, i don’t think they’ll be a lot of franchises born (Cept for Transformers maybe) but most are on their second (Hostel), third (Spider-Man, Shrek, Pirates, Ocean 13, Bourne Ultimatum, Rush Hour 3) fourth (Die Hard), and fifth (Harry Potter) installment. Has Hollywood dipped once too many times into the well? Dollar figures say no.

Did you know that the 4 Harry Potter franchises have pulled in close to $4 BILLION DOLLARS World Wide? and that’s from movie stubs alone, not counting DVD sales or anything else.

So here’s the list that will have me glued to my seat and that’s not counting the lil itty ones that will win Oscars. *Also Not counting Spidey which is already at $381 million world wide in 4 days. (Why am I counting worldwide figures? Because those who make the movies do… at least their bank accounts do…)

May 18
Shrek the Third

May 25th
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

June 1
Day Watch

Mr. Brooks

June 8th
Ocean’s 13

Hostel: Part 2

June 15th
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

June 27th
Live Free or Die Hard

June 29th

July 4th

July 13th
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

July 27th
The Simpsons Movie

August 3
Bourne Ultimatum

August 10
Rush Hour 3

It will be of great interest to me which movie comes out on top as THE Blockbuster of the summer of 2007.

Dave out

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One Response to “Won’t have any time to play games this Summer!”

  1. UnitDaGamer on May 8th, 2007 1:10 am

    you forgot 28 weeks later..which comes out this friday!!! that movie will def’ make some $$$ considering how the first one became a cult classic. Also i think “300″ holds the crown for blockbuster of 2007 so far. It cost $65 mill to make and has grossed $436 mill worldwide ($207 in the u.s. alone)


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