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Wind and Cloud are back! StormRiders 2 movie!

That’s right! those who are familiar with the classic fantasy chinese movie The Storm Riders (released in 1998) based of the comic book will be excited to know that a sequel is coming full blast. Directed by none other than the Pang brothers (”the eye”, “bangkok dangerous” and “infernal affairs” which was remade here in the u.s. as “The Departed”). This new flick will not be a direct sequel, but another story told in that universe. And to top things off, Ekin Cheng (wind) and Aaron Kwok (cloud) will be reprising their roles as the main characters. the entire film is being shot via green screen ala 300 and will have a possible release date sometime late this year to next. I can’t wait for this flick especially being a big fan of the first and of the whole fantasy kung fu genre. Peep some of the hot costume designs below of the characters appearing in the film and also some clips from the first movie just to jog those memories! We’ll keep you updated when the first trailer hits.
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info via: toysrevil

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