WiiZapper Gunz

I walked in a gamestore at the mall when I spotted it.  It was the Wii Blaster, a rifle version of the new WiiZapper peripheral which gave me hope because I heard the default WiiZapper sucks anus.  As I wiped off the drool, I came to realize that I wasn’t ampted about something like this in a while.  They’re also coming out with a WiiShotgun.  I also heard both would have cock and reload features so they would feel like actual guns in your hands.  Just so you can gain that false sense of power and security inside that only a gun brings.  Oh!  Yeah!  I can’t wait to get both so I can unleash my inner trigger happy redneck on some ducks, zombies, and terrorists!!  Yee! Haw!  Bitches!


Images courtesy of IGN.com

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