Wii sets another milestone….

To add on to Dave Da Gamers recent post, Wii has went on to becoming the UK’s fastest selling console in history. To put that into perspective. Here are the numbers for past consoles:
Wii = 38 Weeks
PS2= 50 weeks
Xbox 360 = 60

So with that in hand. It’s being reported that Wii owns 68 percent of the console market in the UK coupled with the DS owning 86 percent of the handheld market….Nintnedo….IT PRINTS MONEY!!!

Official news article here

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One Response to “Wii sets another milestone….”

  1. DW on August 31st, 2007 12:32 am

    lmao THAT’S AWESOME! :D Still though, it doesn’t count if its not America or JP … UK is the third.


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