WiiFit…or how the masses will fall in love with Wii again!

*all image source: Joystiq

Just announced today was the long rumored Wii fitness software now offically called WiiFit. In their quest to grab hold of the casual market(which seems to be working quite well for them) and expand the definition of gaming, Nintendo will introduce WiiFit peripheral and software which consist of 40 different games ranging from Yoga, Cardiovascular, and Soccer training drills to name a few. The game will come with a device thats looks like a futuristic weighing scale that has the ability to measure your pressure and balance(think of it as an advanced form of Dance Dance pad). The software will of course incorporate your Mii’s as well as track your daily progression in weight loss and body mass index. It was also stated that the pad will be used for different types of games other than the WiiFit software. If Nintendo drops this at a reasonable price, they are looking to have another hit on their hands with a product that is sure to garner mass market and media publicity! So to all you old farts who say games are causing poor health in youth today, Nintendo has just told you to STFU!!!

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2 Responses to “WiiFit…or how the masses will fall in love with Wii again!”

  1. DW on July 11th, 2007 3:39 pm

    Great now I don’t have to go to Soho for Yoga and deal with that annoying lady. :D Good stuff!


  2. Sir-G on July 11th, 2007 3:44 pm

    It would be cool if they make like a skiing game or something were the controllers are the spikes! And you ski just like in real life! They could do alot. Now we’ll have to see if they will!


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