Wii Fit = Wii $$$$$$$$$$

In Nintendo’s continued onslaught to win(in which the are succeeding) over the casual gamer, has hit a new millstone with Wii Fit. The $70(us) balance board and game bundle has sold an impressive 1 million units in Japan in a time frame of a month and 6 days. That says a lot for a gaming peripheral that isn’t Guitar Hero or Rockband! The unit is an official success even before it hit the states here. Most people doubted the board when it was unveiled for the first time, but with Nintendo’s current track record this gen with nothing, but success with the Wii and DS it’s safe to say they know what their doing. One thing is for sure, this will be a hit here in the states as America struggles with obesity in it’s youth. Now you have a videogame that actually encourages health as well as keep you in shape. If you thought the Wii was getting enough publicity amongst the casual media, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Quick someone make an “it prints money” gif for Wii Fit!!!!!



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