Why should you love MPEG 4, BluRay, and Spidey

Man its always good to check things out for yourself. I took a peek at Dead Man’s Chest ultimate treatment of MPEG 4 and 2.3 pulldown [gibber jabber] from Disney and its a freaking site to see. I believe the expression was - “is that a muppet show?” Honestly, every shot in that movie hands a high level of three dimensionality that is just unheard of. Okay, so I’m selling BluRay, bite me but I haven’t seen anything that impressive yet on HD DVD so perhaps I just don’t know any better and I dare anyone of you to show me as good or better of a transfer. Still, I’m confused why Sony had not enforced this type of transfer on its third party members - the transfer is rediculous.

What’s even more enjoyable about the piece is that there were no fuzzy, grainy, digital tricks overlayed on shots - a trick common in HD movies these days. This effect works great if you have SD TV but horror of horrors if you have a HD set; the detail is too apparent. The filters on the shots for Dead Mans Chest can only be described as RAW. Ah, I know what you’re thinking, “… maybe all the f’ups of the CG come to light.”

Actually, it looks better than the theatre. I never thought I would say it, but it does. If HD DVD and BLU RAY keep up this trend, fight amongst themselves, and produce master pieces like that, I’m down.

The images were just too huge to post here - take a look at one of the screens for yourself. Well, that’s all well and good .. but I’m happy that Sony decided to remaster the HD treatment on the Spiderman trillogy as well. Though several may agree that’s a master piece, I’m too picky about these things to agree. The release will get 1080p, two aspect ratio encodings; 2.40:1, 1.85:1, and done in MPEG4 AVC. The audio will be presented in PCM, DolbyD and Dolby TrueHD. Christmas couldn’t come sooner!

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4 Responses to “Why should you love MPEG 4, BluRay, and Spidey”

  1. UnitDaGamer on October 16th, 2007 12:04 am

    impressive hd dvd movie you say? may i present you TRANSFORMERS HD! check this excerpt from ign dvd review of the hd transformers:

    “Like any Michael Bay film, Transformers is a gorgeous piece of cinema. Beautifully shot, masterfully transferred, this film is near-flawless in its stunningly beautiful HD DVD presentation. The CG blends almost seamlessly into the environments — an effect which can often be aided by a lower resolution release, obscuring where the digital overlays against the practical. Fortunately, however, the ILM effects work is so well crafted that the usual seams made evident by the detail of HD are virtually indetectable here.”

    so while you’ll be enjoying your hd downward spiral of spiderman flicks, ill be watching giant robots battle in glorious hd! this is will be one of the definitive flicks to show of your hd set up!


  2. DW on October 16th, 2007 12:29 am

    the “eyes” have it … take a look at both movies and tell me what you think then. Trust me you’re not ready. Oh 1080p required by the way .. did u update yet? :D

    About Transformers .. where there’s a will .. there’s a way. Trust me … you won’t believe what I have to tell you about that.




  3. DaveDaGamer on October 17th, 2007 2:14 pm

    So in other words, neither format is “Better” it all depends on the skill of those making them. Hmm seems to remind me of the argument of consoles. Because us “Fanboys” have nothing better to do but invalidate the purchases of others, we scream superiority and pledge our allegiance to a particular company and damning all others regarldless of what they are shown. Seems to remind me of another thing that is killing our world, it’s call racism and prejudice.

    Maybe it’s just human nature? I for one have now seen the light and will purchase everything I want without an ill word about the other. If a movie I want is only on BluRay guess what? I’m buying it. If it’s on HD DVD guess what? I’m buying it, I’m not gonna wait and plead and curse the other format. Nothing good can come out of that.


  4. DW on October 17th, 2007 3:26 pm

    This is the same as owning all the systems you could. I’m just worried that movies not allowed on HD DVD and those not allowed on BluRay will soon be allowed both ways. That is to say, when production houses say that “fuck it, 10 million ps3 owners, why not release those flicks on bluray … ”

    Hollywood has strange ways and these days .. cash is king. I have to admit man, there are some tight HD DVD transfers out there. And yes, the term is more commonly used amongst those who are deep into AV Tech and Media. Nice post Dave.



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