Who Watches the Watchmen? We Do!

Finally, the time is almost upon us, where I can sit down in a movie theater, look up at the big screen, and see my favorite ink-blot, mask-wearing hero tear up some baddies. Yup, The Watchmen comes out on Friday, and I hope you’re all planning on going to check it out. If you haven’t read the comics, don’t feel bad; the movie is in the capable hands of director, Zack Snyder, and early reviews are saying that the film does the graphic novel justice.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, I will try to clue you in without giving anything away. The story takes place in a world where super heroes are outlawed, and society no longer seems to think they need them around. The Watchmen are a group of superheroes who, mostly, moved on to other endeavors after the government outlawed masked vigilantes. Suddenly, someone starts offing these ex-heroes, and it’s up to the remaining few to solve these crimes before it’s too late. I can’t say too much more, other than I knew very little about the comics when I picked them up, and after I finished, it was easy to see why some consider it the greatest comic of all time.

On the gaming front, the first episode of the downloadable series, “The Watchmen: The End is Nigh,” was released today for XBLA, and will be out tomorrow for PSN. So, if you’re fans go check it out. Reviews for the game have garnered mixed feelings, but the overall consensus seems to be that if your a fan, the $20 dollars is worth it.

I hope your all getting as excited as I am, and don’t forget to go see the film when it comes out this Friday.

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