Were did this come from?!.. DRAGON WAR!

I’m always on the hunt looking for the next hot movie coming out, and i can’t believe i missed this one! Apparently this is korea’s biggest budgeted movie yet and from the trailer this joint looks hot!! Plus it’ll be hitting us stateside next month! Check the plot summary below plus the trailer and some sick ass posters!

As a young boy, Ethan Kendrick (Cody Arens) encounters antiques dealer Jack (Robert Forster), who has a glowing dragon scale in a Korean chest in his shop. Jack tells Ethan that he is the reincarnated spirit of Haram, an ancient warrior apprentice from 500 years ago. This warrior saved his love Narin from Buraki, a large Imoogi serpent. Jack gives Ethan a powerful pendant and tells him to find the reincarnated version of Narin; for when she turns 20, the pair will be be forced to fight Buraki again. Flashforward 20 years later and the adult Ethan (Jason Behr) is a television news reporter who coincidentally meets Sarah Daniels (Amanda Brooks), the reincarnation of his love. Together, the duo must fight Buraki the serpent Imoogi, which has returned in modern day Los Angeles.

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One Response to “Were did this come from?!.. DRAGON WAR!”

  1. DW on August 7th, 2007 10:13 am

    looks interesting …


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