Welcome to the Ninth Circle of Hell: Dante’s Inferno Multimedia Assault

EA is doing everything in their power to make sure that their new IP, “Dante’s Inferno” becomes another mega-hit franchise.  The game, which currently has no release date, takes players on the journey of Dante, who travels the nine circles of hell, with his guide Virgil, in hopes of saving his own soul.

The kicker is that the book is actually a poem with very little action. Dante and Virgil travel the nine circles meeting and talking to people that have failed to make the right choices in their life, and find themselves eternally condemned to the underworld. But that hasn’t stopped EA Redwood shores from creating their own take on the classic tale.

The game, reportedly, plays strikingly similar to “God of War”, and is shaping up to have battles on the same scale as the “God of War” franchise.

EA Redwood Shores is the same developer behind “Dead Space,” EA’s, 2008 third-person survival horror hit. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of “Dead Space”, the game was certainly worth a play, and I’m interested to see how Redwood Shores turns this seemingly passive protagonist into an savage, ass kicking machine.

This new IP is part of EA’s recent pledge to deliver new content, as opposed to them continuing  to promote sequelitus. “Dead Space” was part of that pledge, and EA helped flesh out that new universe with other forms of media outside the gaming world. You may remember the animated film “Dead Space: Downfall” being released shortly after the game. EA is now following suit with “Dante’s Inferno,” acknowledging that an animated film will also see release around the same time as the game. As if that wasn’t enough, a feature film based on the game is already in the planning stages as well.

Looks like EA’s betting the farm on this one. I hope, for their sake, and for the sake of all gamers out there, that this new IP isn’t a total bust. Whatever the case, we won’t find out for a while, as the game wont launch until sometime in 2010.

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