Wario Land : Shake it! direct feed gameplay footage!

Now who says 2-d is dead! Anyone who thinks so should take a look at gameplay footage from the recently released(in japan), Wario Land: Shake it! The game sports some slick hand drawn backgrounds with traditional hand drawn animated characters(by Production IG of Ninja Scroll fame). The controls for the game are played with the wii-mote held old school style. The motions come into play whenever you grab an object, you can shake the remote which causes Wario to shake what ever he is holding. You also have the ability to tilt the controller while holding an object to direct where you toss it. It’s relatively simple stuff, but adds a little flavor to the classic gameplay. Peep the video and don’t fret as the game will launch here in the US in September!

Online Videos by Veoh.com

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