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Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Impressions

So, now that E3 is over a lot if people are making their “best of/worst of” lists, and “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” is finding its way to the top of many of those “best of” lists. The game has already won best of show from sites like 1up and is in the running on IGN, so it’s safe to say that this game has a lot going for it. One thing many people didn’t expect “Uncharted 2″ to have going for it was its multiplayer mode, but Naughty Dog has included competitive and cooperative modes for Drake’s next adventure and I’ve hand some good hands on time with the beta.

The beta for “Uncharted 2″ includes 2 modes; Competitive, which contains plunder and deathmatch maps, or Co-op mode where you and others can go through a level called “Nepal Warzone.” The competitive mode is what most beta players will immediately jump into, and with good reason, it’s a heck of a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete an entire round because others kept quitting out.

Two levels are offered, village and plaza. The village is a bit more condensed, forcing players to find camping points on the second floors of tattered buildings, while the plaza is a more open, expansive area. In the beta, games consisted of 5 on 5, with one side being hero’s like Drake or Sully, and the the other being villains who look like mercenaries.  For deathmatch, the first team to 50 kills wins, and in plunder (which is basically capture the flag), your team needs to capture the treasure 5 times. Your team will be tasked with locating a treasure placed in the map and bringing it back to your base before the other team does the same. The person who holds the treasure will have reduced speed and will only be able to wield a pistol (not the worst thing considering the strength of some of the pistols). However, most people just grabbed the treasure and threw it to speed up the process, much like in “Halo” where users would grab and throw the flag to move it along more quickly.

Deathmatch, of course, is where the meat of the demo was, and my time with it so far has been a lot of fun. There are some very cool weapons and items in the beta. For example, Drake can now wield a riot shield, which makes him uncomfortably slow, but safe from any sort of regular gunfire. There are also mini gas tanks around the levels that can be thrown and shot at to deliver one-hit kills. In each level there was a massive Gatling gun, which seemed to be the power weapon everyone was going for. Grenades are a breeze to use and it really creates a sense of panic when you can hear the grenade land close to you, but have no idea where it is.

Cover is the name of the game when it comes to deathmatch. Unless your carrying a power weapon or a riot shield, run and gunning will likely get you killed. A sniper rifle can be your best friend, especially in the village since there are many areas to take point and cover the city. Also, if you’re climbing up to a higher level and you climb underneath someone standing on the edge, you can reach up and pull them off the building for an instant kill. While this can look funny when the person is only two stories up, it keeps players from being able to dominate from the high ground.

The gameplay plays exactly how you’d expect it to. Drake controls are almost identical to his first outing on the PS3, so gamers will be able to jump right into multiplayer without having to waste too much time adapting to controls. Overall, this beta was a nice surprise, and I can’t wait to see what’s offered in the final package. Judging from the buzz from the E3 show floor, the wait will be worth it.

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3 Responses to “Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Impressions”

  1. peterdegrotere on June 12th, 2009 2:01 pm

    not mutch people posting here, anew site?
    But beside that this game is coming in my shelve


    DaveDaGamer Reply:

    Not exactly new, but a new commitment to content. Glad you stopped by. Spread the word. We are going to be giving away lots of stuff ;0)


    Sir-G Reply:

    Welcome to the site my man!


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