Two Freebies - Upshift StrikeRacer and Rumble Fighter

Two more freebies for fellow Game Headz, imported from the East Side.

First one is called Rumble Fighter. In this casual-based online fighting game, you basically create a character with a “class” and fight against others online like the old school Double Dragon style. Cool thing about it, besides teamplay and RPG-like levelling, is you can morph your guy in the fight to get special abilities like insane kicks or harpoons. It’s not a bad game for something that is free.

Next game is called Upshift StrikeRacer. This online car combat game could use a bit of work and some tweaks, such as better controls, but the big hook about this is the team combat and the close battles. So many ways to catch up to your foes and weapons especially targetted for the first place runner, the game manages to keep the racing tight with no “runaway leaders” like many other racing games. Again, it could use a bit of work, but it’s still worth a try.

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