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Transformers CyberToy Review: Robots In Your Pocket

Transformers CyberToySometimes the worst things bring out the best in people. “Transformers Revenge of the Fallen” has been getting mixed reviews (at best) at the theaters this past week, but that doesn’t mean that some good can’t come from it, and I’m not talking about getting to see Megan Fox more (I’m also not complaining about it either). While Rotten Tomatoes can fill you in on some of the choice adjectives used to describe the movie, its release has brought about a much more interesting iPhone innovation – the virtual action figure.

Just prior to the film’s release, Glu Mobile released the Transformers CyberToy, which is really just a fancy way of saying interactive doll … I mean action figure. It’s a really simple app that allows you to “play with” with one of the films stars (again, sadly, not Megan Fox), Bumblebee, in a manner very similar to the one you may remember from your childhood, when the Transformers only existed in plastic form. The movie version of Bumblebee now exists in a fully rendered, posable, 3D model exclusively on your iPhone. And, while G-1 diehards may have something to say about that – it’s still pretty cool.

The CyberToy allows you to “play with” Bumblebee by spinning him around, moving his different body parts, firing his gun and, most importantly, making him transform. Now, if it stopped there the app may come off as just another iPhone targeted marketing ploy supporting a big budget summer blockbuster, however, there is a bit more to this app that gives it a little extra gas in the tank.

tf_cybertoy_2_320x480In addition to the action figure mode, there’s also a puzzle mode where you transform Bumblebee by completing on-screen cues as quickly as possible. As an added bonus, if you can do it super quickly, you can score a top spot on the worldwide leader boards. There’s also an included stats sheet for Bumblebee, very similar to the ones on the back of the boxes that you should have never opened when you were a kid.

Still need more for your hard-earned $.99? Well, if you think Bumblebee is an annoying showboat, or just happened to hate all of the Autobots, well… GOOD NEWS! Glu plans to continue to update the app with more Transformers from both sides of the conflict; Megatron, Starscreem, and even that pussy Optimus Prime (that was a joke people… relax).

Overall, it’s a nice little package for any longtime fan of the series, or the new fans of the films. Regardless, it’s significantly more socially acceptable to have a Transformers app than carrying around a real Bumblebee toy with you wherever you go, plus the promise of more Transformers to come makes it the app that keeps on giving … or maybe it’s more than meets the eye? (Sorry, I really couldn’t help myself). Either way, it’s worth checking out, even if you just want a fun little puzzle game to bide your time – that just happens to be made up of giant, talking robots, that transform.

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