Transformers BRDVD Specs Announced

This is not a brag: but yea Transformers is hitting blu-ray on September 2, 2008. Finally, Paramount Pictures put out the specifications for the discs. Hold yourself in check, because the list of extras is long. In addition, a majority of the content presented in High Definition!

  1. Commentary: Commentary by Director Michael Bay
  2. Featurette: OUR WORLD:
  3. Featurette: The Story Sparks HD
  4. Featurette: Human Allies HD
  5. Featurette: I Fight Giant Robots HD
  6. Featurette: Battleground HD
  7. Featurette: THEIR WAR
  8. Featurette: Rise of the Robots HD
  9. Featurette: Autobots Roll Out HD
  10. Featurette: Decepticons Strike HD
  11. Featurette: Inside the All Spark HD
  12. Featurette: Transformers Tech Inspector (TBD) HD
  13. Trailers: TRAILERS (will play after the feature via a menu)
  14. Trailers: Iron Man Trailer HD
  15. Featurette: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE
  16. Trailers: Transformers Teaser Trailer HD
  17. Trailers: Rise of the Autobots HD
  18. Other: Transformers H.U.D. (Heads Up Display)
  19. Other: BD-Live Features (TBD)
  20. Featurette: From Script to Sand: The Skorponok Desert Attack HD
  21. Featurette: Concepts HD
  22. Trailers: Trailers HD
  23. Trailers: Teaser Trailer 1 HD
  24. Trailers: Theatrical Trailer 2 HD
  25. Trailers: Theatrical Trailer 4 HD
  26. Easter Eggs: EASTER EGGS
  27. Easter Eggs: Michael Bay Cameo HD
  28. Easter Eggs: Girl in Dress HD
  29. Easter Eggs: Bay Bot HD
  30. Easter Eggs: Casting Mojo HD

To quote the man himself, this is indeed AWESOME! As for the quality, the video codec used for this disc is MPEG-4 AVC, presented in 1080p, with 2.35:1 pull-down ratio. For audio, you’ll get the lossless PCM 5.1, and DolbyTrueHD 5.1 playback; truly, this is more than meets the eye. Not to put down the original HD release o HD-DVD, that to pull some serious weight in the extras department but the inclusion of lossless audio, and added bonuses take the cake, with a cherry on top. Wipe your 1080p 24p HD sets clean for this one boys and girls.

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