Top 10 Games of 2008 That I Didn’t Play

As each year goes by, it feels like the number of good games released over those 12 months just keeps rising. This year was no different. I would argue that it saw a bigger increase than previous years largely because of the influx of quality casual and indie games. I think nearly every gamer missed out on a game they planned to get because they didn’t have the time, or saw yet another awesome game and just didn’t have the resources to cop it. I was definitely a victim. I’m closing out the year with empty pockets, plenty of great games, and a stupid-long list of games I really wanted to play and didn’t.

This is the top 10 games from that list:

10. Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy

Why I wanted it: It was a movie-licensed game that didn’t suck. Bonus: I actually liked the movies.

Why I didn’t play it: It just barely missed the must-buy list. It got some decent reviews, but something about buying a game where the title includes a full name that isn’t Tom Clancy or Sid Meier made my stomach turn.

9. de Blob

Why I wanted it: Who can resist a fun platformer where the plot centers on putting a smack-down on conformity? Not to mention, their marketing blitz blind-sided me a couple of times in the backfield.

Why I didn’t play it: I must confess–I have been neglecting my Wii. I won’t let myself buy another Wii game until I finish “Zelda: Twilight Princess” and “Metriod Prime 3: Corruption.”

8. Soulcalibur IV

Why I wanted it: “Soulcalibur” has made a healthy impression on me with every game since the original was released for Dreamcast. Ivy’s Snake Sword and Maxi’s Nunchucks (I am a huge Michelangelo of TMNT fan) sealed the deal pretty much every time. A little hint of Star Wars doesn’t hurt either.

Why I didn’t play it: Lately I just haven’t had the urge to play fighting games. Seems like those Street-Fighter-II-Turbo-at-birthday-parties-and-sleepovers glory days have faded. Plus, fighting games just aren’t the same when your opponent isn’t in the room with you.

7. Dead Space

Why I wanted it: I always wanted to be trapped on a dark space station with limited ammo and vicious creatures, who would love to rip my body into nice happy meat chunks…

Why I didn’t play it: WHAT!?!?! I am not scared to play this game…

6. Ninja Gaiden II

Why I wanted it: Ninja + Speed + Buckets of Blood = Fun

Why I didn’t play it: This is the first (but not last) game on this list that I am truly puzzled about. I think I just didn’t have 60 bucks to shell out when it was released.

5. Mario Kart Wii

Why I wanted it: Duh… It’s Mario Kart

Why I didn’t play it: It’s just Mario Kart. I have probably clocked about 1000 hours of Mario Kart through my gaming life. I just felt like I could miss this one and I wouldn’t lose my TrueGameHeadz membership card.

4. Left 4 Dead

Why I wanted it: We all played the demo. Most of us played it way too much. It just seemed like the natural progression to pick this one up.

Why I didn’t play it: I needed three other people to play with. I’m not a fan of playing with random people for co-op multiplayer. Only a couple of my gaming buddies are as devoted as I am, and I just didn’t see myself playing it very much past the first-week without some committed comrades.

3.  Fallout 3

Why I wanted it: I liked “Oblivion,” but occasionally I can be a tad impatient with medieval weaponry. I heard a few people say “Fallout 3″ was “Oblivion” with guns. Devastated radioactive landscapes and mutant hunting never sounded so sweet.

Why I didn’t play it: “Fallout 3″ is long. The thought of putting that much time into one game when all these others were begging for button mashing was painful.

2. No More Heroes

Why I wanted it: They managed to beat Lucas and friends to the punch and produced the ultimate luminary-sword brawler for the Wii. Also, it looks cool as cheese.

Why I didn’t play it: Its hard to say. I’m trying not to blame this one on myself but scapegoats are sporting antelope-like evasiveness at the moment. I guess I will blame a few retailers since this title is out of stock currently at Toys R’ Us and mysteriously absent from Gamestop’s online store.

1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Why I wanted it: This may be one of those things that was left over from childhood (watching my older brother play the original), but the MGS series has has always felt like a game I would much rather watch someone else play than actually play for myself. When they told me how such a large portion of the game was cinematic, I was sold.

Why I didn’t play it: I honestly can’t answer this question. This is why it had to have the number one spot. I actually own the game. It’s sitting at home in my game drawer and it never managed to get into my PS3. I am ashamed…

Honorable Mention

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Why I wanted it: They have 10 Million subscribers. I just felt guilty for not wanting it.

Why I didn’t play it: I still just can’t get into MMOs. I spent some time trying for a while this year. I tried trials of “WoW,” and “Eve,” but I just didn’t enjoy it enough to justify that subcription fee. I ended up getting “Guild Wars,” but it definitely doesn’t get much playtime. Then they announced “Star Wars: The Old Republic”… I can wait for that. Actually, I think I will start a little subscription fee fund for this one.

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18 Responses to “Top 10 Games of 2008 That I Didn’t Play”

  1. Callmesteam on December 20th, 2008 1:08 pm

    WHAT! GO PLAY ‘deBlob’! It’s great! except for the crappy lack of a jump button.


    2.o Reply:

    @Callmesteam, Yeah … de blob is def. worth a play


  2. UnitDaGamer on December 20th, 2008 6:52 pm

    You must play “No More Heroes”! that game is one of the best original properties released this year!….and so is DeBlob


  3. SlaughterMeister on December 20th, 2008 8:01 pm

    You OWN MGS4 and you haven’t played it yet?



  4. DW on December 20th, 2008 8:18 pm

    Perhaps I can understand this .. but its typical as you get older to. Our love for gaming does not get any smaller and we purchase/desire more than we actually have time for … nuff said.


    UnitDaGamer Reply:

    you couldn’t have put it more perfectly!


  5. Spek on December 20th, 2008 8:34 pm


    Right after I finish *whispers* Mass Effect…


    You are on point. I have been trying really hard not to overdo it, but love is love. What can you do?


  6. DaveDaGamer on December 21st, 2008 12:44 am

    LOL at your reason for not playing Fallout 3. I share your thoughts. This is a good list. I can’t see any one on there that you shouldn’t have at least played for a bit. MGS4 in the drawer is a no no, but once you start you’ll find it hard to stop.


  7. Greg on December 21st, 2008 12:47 am

    MGS4 is a must play. Get on it! LOL But I also agree as you get older your love for something doesn’t get any smaller and so you buy and buy until you can’t even play everything you own. I still haven’t beaten Prime 3. I play it every now and then. I think I am only about half way through. Mario Kart Wii was kind of…I don’t know…a let down? I love it because it’s Mario Kart, but they seemed to have dumbed it down a bit too much. The online multiplayer is awesome though and very crazy intense! Although I think a bit TOO intense where it seems that anytime you are in first place you are getting bombarded with weapons since there are like 16 people on the track at once! Zelda was a great game as well. Now as for all of the other games on this list…I don’t even own and wish I did own about 3 or 4 of them at least. I spent so much money on my wife and baby boys this year that I barely had money left over for myself lol. GOOD NEWS THOUGH! My wife is getting into games so I bought her a DS LIte :)

    Check out the site! Great prices on gaming gear and news!


  8. xino on December 21st, 2008 12:55 am

    It’s a good thing you didn’t play those games, why? because they are all a piece of trash!

    Bourn Conspiracy was an ok fast paced sweet game, but the fighting was too repetitive:/

    I strongly suggested you did the right thing by not playing Ninja Gaiden 2 and Soul Calibur 4. Those games were completely broken. NG2 had bad loading times, crappy gameplay and mad glitches. SC4 was just completely unbalanced and broken!

    Mario Kart Wii!? what the hell!?
    How many versions of that rubbish games have there been!?
    Mario Kart for the:
    They are all the same thing, same gameplay etc. Nintendo never comes up with anything new, just same old cliched crap.

    Hmmm… it’s alright to miss Left4Dead because the game just lacks something for the Xbox 360. It’s still a game you should try out! Best try out the demo! Game isn’t worth purchasing, lacks multiplayer and as no story:/

    I too haven’t played Fallout 3 and don’t intend to play it.

    I should try out Dead Space.


  9. james on December 21st, 2008 7:35 am

    Ah man, you have let me down. Why is MGS4 on that list-it should be no.1 on the best games i’ve PLAYED in 2008


  10. Leon on December 21st, 2008 7:57 am

    You..never..played..MGS4? ….are you mute deaf blind and dumb? or just some..horrible…Horrible..thing!? It’s honestly the reason you want to buy a PS3 other then the free online gaming and constant improvements to the actual system software.


    DaveDaGamer Reply:


    I hope you are not serious. Did you just say constant improvements to the actual system software as a reason to own the PS3?

    You mean attempting to fix what’s already broken? Seems like if you bought a PS3 yesterday you are far better off than those who supported Sony in the beginning. How much hd space do you get now for the same price 1 yr ago? backwards capability? uh yeah thats right. Sony screws the fans again.


  11. BIG WOO on December 21st, 2008 8:38 am

    You should have left MGS4 HERE or at least sent it back with Imani. You blew it again!!!


  12. Paul W on December 21st, 2008 1:11 pm

    Call me old fashioned but I’d rather read about the games that somebody has played than the ones they haven’t.

    Otherwise it’s like buying a newspaper and reading an article by a journalist saying ‘These are the news stories that I would have liked to have covered today but I just couldn’t be bothered’.


  13. Spek on December 21st, 2008 1:43 pm

    @BIG WOO

    You don’t have a PS3?!?! What were you going to do with it…

    @Paul W

    I guess that makes me somewhat of a contemporary. Sounds like a compliment to me….Thanks Paul!


  14. techathlete on December 21st, 2008 9:34 pm

    Only 10 games you didn’t play, doesn’t sound like that bad of a year


  15. Matt on December 23rd, 2008 4:29 pm

    The last time I have played a PS3 was when I was at Best Buy a couple years ago. Now that I had recently bought the new 42″ LG70 I am going to get a PS3 because I want a Blu-Ray player. Also to play games I guess but there isn’t any that I feel like playing on that system…maybe LBP or War Hawks, I HATE MGS!!!


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