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Tony Hawk Ride Roster Revealed

Tony Hawk Ride

Hola everyone. Did you all have a good weekend? I did, but now it’s Monday, and it also happens to be a slow news day. However, if you spent your weekend tearing up the pavement on your killer deck, this news may be of interest to you.

In the past the Tony Hawk franchise had been heavily criticized for their lack of innovation, releasing carbon copies of the same skating game year after year. But that won’t get good ole’ Tony down, and this year, he’s as determined as ever to silence the critics once and for all with the latest entry into the series, “Tony Hawk: Ride.” While the controller for the game is no secret, its roster of skaters had been kept under wraps… until now. This weekend Activision released the full roster of skaters you’ll be able to use in Hawk’s newest console effort.

* Alex Olson
* Cara Beth Burnside
* Christian Hosoi
* Daewon Song
* Dustin Dollin
* Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins
* Mike Mo Capaldi
* Mike Vallely
* Nyjah Huston
* Paul Rodriguez
* Rodney Mullen
* Ryan Sheckler
* Steve Nesser
* Stevie Williams
* Tony Hawk

Look at that. They even put Sheckler in there for the ladies. Still, it’s not the most star-studded roster to ever grace a Tony Hawk game, but given the level of interest in the game due to its board-shaped controller, I doubt the line-up will scare anyone away.

Check out our own E3 video of “Tony Hawk: Ride” here.

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