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Tony Hawk Ride: Check Out the Killer Board, Dude

Tony Hawk Ride

Have you TGH’rs been paying attention to that little convention called E3 that took place rather recently? If not you missed out on a lot of things. Some announcements were huge surprises, while others, like the new Tony Hawk game, were expected. (Check out the video of our own TGH squad checking out the new board here.) For even further understanding of how the board actually works, check out this video by 1up’s Garnett Lee attempting to take to the streets on the new board.

I’m somewhat torn about what I’ve seen so far. The board definitely looks innovative and cool, but until I actually get to try it out myself, I’m skeptical of how fluid the gameplay will actually be. I’m just confused as to how fun it may actually be trying to simulate spins and flips simply by grabbing the board or placing your hand in front of a sensor.  However, I’ll be the last person to complain about Tony Hawk taking a break from milking his franchise to introduce a truly, new experience.

I guess only time will tell how fun, and realistic the board will actually feel.

Later TGH’rs.

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