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Tomorrow’s Retro Play Theater - Taking on the Viper

Retro Play Theater
Code Name: Viper
For this week’s Retro Play Theater, I will try to tackle on “Code Name: Viper” LIVE on Mogulus.

“Code Name: Viper” is an NES sidescrolling shooter where you try to find one of your captured buddies in each level (this all takes place in South America). It’s a pretty difficult game because you only have two health and most things deal two damage to you, such as explosives and bullets.

It has only 8 stages but with three difficulty settings. For this challenge, I will be playing in “Normal” since, like other NES games, it is short but extremely difficult.

I will be using the new Procaster recently released by Mogulus. This requires no download from your end, but you should expect to see increased performance and better sound.

You can watch the live streaming on Thursday, April 23, at 1 PM EST.

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