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And what a saucy, spicy, paprika filled week it was. Where to begin? David Gertsmann is the game reviewer that we all didn’t know who we claimed to know and love at Gamespot reviews this past week. In the spice filled portion of this weeks gaming soup, Gertmann was fired from Gamespot for reasons less comparable to poor job performance. As a matter of fact, the saying goes is that he was let go from his position simply because he gave Kain and Lynch a less than stella score.


Eidos was apparently in Benjamin-colored bed sheets with the famous web site and the comforters didn’t seem to work that well after Gertmanns’ Icey Cold Review. Watch the review for yourself and decide -

[youtube width="425" height="335"][/youtube]

The same can be said about a few other titles but I risk having my head chopped off by the masses so I will stay my ground before gearing up to that one. It’s a shame what happened to Gertmann. Perhaps Eidos should have brought him in on the deal cash wise? What the hell did they expect? At least he was honest but we know in this great world called Earth, honesty vs dishonesty has obvious winners when we talk money. These days you can hardly tell when someone is being forthright about a review, and when it matters its usually when shit like this happens. Nuff said.

In the saucy part of the bowl, is Jack Thompson, the man we love to hate. GameHead, took a swing at the misunderstood politician views and his views on the “correlation” with games and violence. Indeed. We don’t have enough fingers and toes for the times that we have seen clerks at places like GameStop hand out games to minors without asking for ID. Like game producers, you have to wonder if the only thing that store owners and managers are worried about is the bottom line sale figures.

We can also point out that there are times that we have seen parents buy M rated games for their kids without batting one eye lash [with the kid in the store]. Yes, perhaps we, the gamers, decide what impact these games will have in our lives, and further more our sociopolitical attitudes towards human beings, but it would be nice to see the laws executed now and then on all fronts - store clerks, managers, producers, developers, parents, and gamers if it comes to that. If GameStop didn’t know, it is Illegal not to card minors. The question is, should we blow the whistle during the act?

Now we are in the realm of morality, something the producers of Blacksite should have considered long before releasing that mess. Should I make a horrible game, or beg my producers for more money for an overbloated pig that loves to swim in its own droppings and mudd?

Oh but we love a bad game. We love to bash them, stuff them up with donkey poo, and spit on them. As a matter of fact, its like a bad movie. You know those that you go with 8 of your buddies to break on. With that, I give you BlackSite, a title once thought to have a lot of potentional but after playing for about 10 minutes, the ugliness [and laughter if you have a sense of humor] follows heavier than a tropical forests’ passing storm. The game is passable but some of the more horrid features, pointed out by make the 5.4 score seem brutally satisfactory. The game is so bad that even one of its creators admitted it. o_O Well then, one can hope to never buy it after that. Rest assured rentals exist for entertainment like these.

Now for some Paprika! Pull out your bionoculars in time for the ultimate comparison cheat sheet between XBOX360 and PS3 as attempts to answer that burning question: which systems makes my games look lovelier than a Viking Sunset. I can’t say I can see that well but actually using full blown 1080p images would have helped … a little I guess.


MGS4 will need all the help it can get as we start to see a shattering trend for producers and developers continue. Fabled spokesperson and assistant producer Ryan Payton says that the mega PS3 exclusive will need to hit the ground running faster than a Metal Gear Rex scoring 1 Million copies in day one sales. What’s the install base for the PS3 again? Oh, and how many of those PS3 owners are insterested in MGS4? It’s true the series is popular but making a statement like that sounds like a set up for failure. It would make more sense if half the owners of PS2s owned a PS3. Payton also went on to say that the title is still exclusive to the PS3. Wait a minute, is that a baby in Raidens’ arms?

If you live in NY, and hang out at China Town Fair, and can stomach the horrid smells of Arcade-dom, you most likely played a short stubby Asian kid by the name of Justin Wong. I’ve had my share of his beat downs against his Alex in Street Fighter 3 during my college years [before they got the Air Conditioning unit]. First off, take a moment to watch the video below.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="392" width="480" /]

The crowd made that come back even more amazing than it already was as Japan’s Daigo showed Justin how parries are done. That was amazing, especially if you know how complex the SF3 parry system is. Now watch the video below as Justin shows us what the words never give up really means at this years EVO 2007 and why he’s held the the number one spot in MVC for a few years now.

[youtube width="425" height="335"][/youtube]


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2 Responses to “This week in Gaming …”

  1. MarkyX on December 3rd, 2007 12:06 pm

    Just got myself Street Fighter Anniversary Edition two days ago. I haven’t played a SF since the SNES days.

    SF3 is a sick game and it sucks that no one really plays it on live. Here’s hoping SF4 won’t suck.


  2. DW on December 3rd, 2007 5:17 pm

    Man wish I had a 360 that didn’t have a 90% chance of f’ing up, I’d play you in a blink of an eye. I love that game.



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