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And so Mario, the first King of Gaming, has arrived. Mario is good, especially if he has a special place in your heart, the little guy knows how to suck you into a void of no return. Consider a friends quote: “dude, I may pick up a WII just to play this game.” Perhaps it’s that warm fuzzy feeling or tingle you get from playing a Mario game. Regardless, the game is cool and hands down the best titles to hit the WII. Get if you own a WII or go for the SP Edition if you dare.

The mega 2.00 firmware update resulted in a few players having their PS3 crash during play. We were waiting for something like this to happen and while its obvious that its not “hardware” related, fans are still psst about it. Strangely, those events have not invaded my PS3 and several other gamers have reported the same claiming that everything is A-OK. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Sony from promoting a 2.01 update already. Notice the update - its within 0.0X, which means it’s minor. That didnt’ stop the users over at PlayStation.Blog to request IN-GAME-XMB. At this point, its reached the point of stupidity. A firmware update that small wouldn’t have something so significant, even though we would love to be wrong, wrong, and wrong.

Infinity Ward cleared up all the wrong doing with those world based servers that they developed for COD4. After one week of crying and moaning, a few fixes were applied and all is well. Well, until last night when I ran into a gamer who claimed that he was at lvl 26 day before yesterday, but is currently at 1. Ouch! It’s nice to talk to the Japanese players though but you have to wonder why they opened the servers up to the entire world. Lets keep an open mind shall we.

That’s how those comparison videos of Assassin’s Creed were taken as continue to put up those heated look-at-me-compare-videos. It was obvious, that the 360 had that darker look to it and the ps3 version looked more washed-out even though its’ anti-aliasing and textures were above par. Good looks didn’t stop the so-so reviews that Creed got. We were expecting something along the lines of stella though from Ubisoft. However we are appreciative of the ability to explore 3D worlds in a new and interesting way guys, so good effort.

Fear not, Drake is here. It would seem that an 8 hour long game just does not cut anymore. A word to the wise, play this game on hard. Well, at least when its so good that you can’t stop playing it. Resolution quirks aside, the game looks beautiful and if Naughty Dog has opted to trick me with resolution numbers to make a game look and play smooth like that, then by all means, numbers mean squat. It’s an interesting dynamic to discover that gamers rarely knows what’s going on in developer camps.

Somebody needs to smack those “This is Living” market researchers because those ad’s for PS3, supposedly aired in Europe, make no sense to gamers in the West. What’s mostly missing from those ads are the things that gamers care about most - games. They are fed up of being told how super duper fandangle the PS3 is and would love to see it in action. Finally, someobody got the ads right:

Here’s the first one -

[flv width="480" height="285"][/flv] tracked down the Ninjas of Team Ninja for an exclusive interview and hands on with Ninja Gaiden 2 for the 360. If you didnt’ expect everything to come out of their mouth to be positive for Ryu’s next blood bath, then you’re surely mistaken.’s interview reveals even more goodies about this must hit title. That’s right PS3 owners, cry me a river - it’s gonna hurt harder than a Ryu Hayubasa Shredder-Wielding body-Chopping Appendage-Device. The next title is still based on the DOA technology with some new features added to its engine. In terms of returns, Rachel will not be back but expect a new female character. The ultimate question is “how big will here cub size be?” Team Ninja does not feel that there game will be banned, given the recent events with Manhunt, as Ryu hacks his way through Matry-crazed Ninjas. You have to wonder where there blind confidence comes from. One of the biggest improvements is the enemies that you face in the game - they are in it for a death wish. Most of the foot soldiers look tough enough to be boses. Expect to spend some serious time playing this beast on Normal. It’s confusing that people would want an online mode for this game but rest assured nothing is planned.

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One Response to “This Week in Gaming …”

  1. Sir-G on November 19th, 2007 12:48 pm

    Mario Galaxy is pure gold! It just feels so fresh and new among the countless “me too” games out there. And as it stands, Mario Galaxy is the highest reviewed and ranking videogame ever! DAMN. And I think it’s just proof that you don’t need super hd mega consoles to make a great game. It all comes down to the developers and their willingness to think out side the box. So far this generation of gaming would have you believe HD automatically means a great game!


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