Thems Rabbids are back and guess what…

Looks like those lovable(and demented) Rabbids are going at it for another round of mini game silliness on the Wii. I will admit, of all the mini games available for the Wii, Rayman Ravng Rabbids stands out as one of the best of them. And Ubisoft knows this as they followed the game with a sequel. So far no real solid news has been made available yet, but one can already figure out whats in store for the third game. Just watch the trailer and see what happens when a Rabbid discovers a Wii Balance board! It’s pretty funny stuff in the teaser. Good to see other devs taking note of the peripheral!

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One Response to “Thems Rabbids are back and guess what…”

  1. DW on May 1st, 2008 11:40 am

    I’m not ashamed, I might want one ;p


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