The real deal behind Ken(crazy Ken) Kutaragi’s retirement!!

Well it looks like the truth has come out on Ken’s retirement. It’s a long read, but worth it if your intrested. takes a long and detailed look at the legacy he left behind at Sony as well as is his fall and how the powers that be inside the company ultimately forced him into his retirement. The whole joint reads like some Hollywood behind the scenes horror story. It’s crazy how it was pretty much a bid for power and Kens ultimate goal of trying to reach the top of Sony’s ladders to run the company. Check out a couple of excerpts below:

“It was no real surprise, then, when at the end of last November, Kutaragi’s descent continued. He was replaced as president of SCEI by former SCEA boss Kaz Hirai, although he was promoted to Chairman in the same move. Still, it was clear to everyone that this was no happy promotion - and nor was it the end of Sony’s retribution for Kutaragi’s mistakes.”

“Given enough rope to hang himself, Kutaragi had just managed to prove to Sony’s top executives and board members that he wasn’t the man for the top job. In his place, Sony took the extraordinary step of appointing its first non-Japanese boss - Welshman Howard Stringer. While Kutaragi had struggled with the poisoned chalice of the home electronics business, Stringer had been excelling as the head of the Sony BMG content business. Idei positioned him as an ideal candidate, replacing him as the favourite in the race to the top - and Kutaragi’s ambitions of ever leading Sony died.”

“At 56 years of age, for someone to retire from a senior role like Ken Kutaragi’s is almost unheard of in Japan. His removal from the top spot in SCEI is not a voluntary one; it is both a punishment for his own failures with regard to the PS3, and, by extension, an offering to shareholders angry at the losses sustained by the firm in the development of the console, and the negative press surrounding it. His head has rolled - perhaps pre-empting changes such as a price cut, perhaps merely as an act of contrition for past failures. Whichever is true, the Father of PlayStation has been put out to pasture.”

So grab some popcorn and sit back and read the whole write-up. It sounds almost good enough to make a tv movie off of it!


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