The power of a Console Name.

Throughout the videogame industry for the last decade or so videogame companies have created names for their systems that have brought them success and failure. Questions have been raised in the past about the significance of the name of a system and how important it is.

When the Dreamcast came to light its project code name was “Dural” which is based off a Virtua Fighter character. When the Nintendo 64 came out it too was given a project name. It was code name: “Project Reality”. However the most notable of them all was when the Nintendo GameCube first came on the scene. Code named: “Project Dolphin” it brought up major concerns about the systems success based off of the name. When the system was released the name GameCube was dubbed onto it and it changed the way people had perceived the game.

Now in traditional Nintendo fashion, they brought this matter to light again with their upcoming system “The Nintendo Wii.” Its project code name is called “The Revolution” and many Nintendo fans loved the name. They thought it was cool and followed through with Nintendo’s direction of “Innovation” in gaming rather than the High Powered Technological direction that the competition is going. Not that there is anything wrong with Higher Powered Technology but true gamer headz (and I mean that literately) love and prefer new ways to play games ”ALONG” with great graphics.

With that said the name “Wii” has brought some disturbance within the core Nintendo Gamer community. I, for one do not like the name as a stand alone. I understand why Nintendo chose the name but then again it is not fair to the founding gamers that have played Nintendo games throughout the ages, which built their community to this day. The videogame industry and media has labeled Nintendo to be a children’s game company, when the fact of the matter is that the company is actually a “Family Oriented Videogame Organization” for videogame development.

Nintendo’s first system is called “The Famicom”, which in Japan means “Family Computer”. The purpose that Nintendo focused on was the involvement of the family to play videogames together. Nintendo has always been about that from what I know, however somewhere along the line we as gamers have forgotten that. One of the reasons for that is that rivaling companies have gone on to attack the integrity of Nintendo which is some smart stuff if your Nintendo’s market opponent.

Now it is no longer an issue as to what the media and the industry is doing but more so of what Nintendo is doing to itself. I for one do not like the name, “Wii” as a stand alone. I understand that it gets the kids involved and stuff and is great to pay attention to the children gamers of this generation. However….what about us Nintendo Gamers that have grown up? Sounds like I’m complaining about nonsense right? Well tell that to gamers my age when other systems are created from their respective companies and the name of the system is taken into great consideration.

I’m just saying I don’t think Nintendo allowed their community in “FULL” to get involved in the birth of their new system. Allowing a voting poll along with their final call and naming of the system would have been a great experience for Nintendo gamers to be a part of and share. That would prove to those that doubt Nintendo that they do care about the feed back and involvement of their fans.

In closing I would have suggest that the system be titled: “Nintendo Wii: The Revolution”. This way gamers Young and Old, Hardcore and Casual would feel good in the naming of such a promising system and also be able to truly understand the purpose of the name and what Nintendo is trying to do. 
We (Wii) as gamers are the “Revolution” in gaming. - Emperor TFGM

Wasn’t that the point Nintendo? Well I got your message but I still think that “Wii” as a stand alone is corny; but I’m still buying the system. Got to cop that Zelda Jump off!

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