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The New (Old) Face of EGM

Steve HarrisMany gamers were saddened earlier this year when their issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly stopped coming in the mail. After all EGM is a magazine that covers an industry which has managed to surpass the music and movie industry, so even though print journalism is having difficult times the world over, it remained a shocker that EGM went belly-up. However, the video game magazine gods have smiled upon us all and Steve Harris (the man responsible for the magazine’s inception over 20 years ago) is bringing his baby back later this year, and while EGM will still be that same ole’ plethora of gaming information it always has been, it will come packaged with a brand-new, digital coat.

Talking to Publishing Executive, Harris tried to lay out what exactly he had in mind for the magazine’s resurrection, and how it will cater to the digital age. Harris harped heavily on the emphasis the magazine will have in producing digital content saying, “First and foremost, we’re planning to incorporate digital content within the magazine. This includes professionally-produced video, audio and other types of content. We’re also going to make this content fully transportable.” He would go on to say that some of the content would be accessible to readers straight from the page itself, or from a digital device included with the magazine. Looks like those holographic articles will finally come to fruition… that was a joke, guys. I hope you didn’t think I was serious.

Another interesting tidbit is how sure of success Harris is, even though the world of print journalism has been sadly diminishing for the last couple of years. When asked if he’s scared about the print apocalypse Harris said, “I would remind you that at the time [Ziff Davis suspended publication of EGM], it had an audience of more than half a million readers. I believe there still exists an audience that enjoys print. Web sites are a great tool when you know what information you want to read. A Web site is less effective at providing information and insight that the reader may not have known they had an interest in before turning the page.”

So there ya have it, folks. Looks like Harris is really dedicated to see his magazine rise from the ashes and succeed where others have failed. All Harris’ speak of digital content is pretty interesting and I’m curious to see what he means when he says digital content will be available to readers right off the page. Guess I’ll find out later this year, when the rebirth of EGM is set to debut.

Have a happy, and SAFE 4th of July TGH’ers. Till next time, later!

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