Tenchu 4… gameplay video.

Because we still have a place in our hearts for Tenchu, here is some new gameplay footage from the recent unveiling. Watch for the neck snap!

We promised to drop more info on you as it becomes available. And so here it is. This info comes via translation from the latest Famitsu magazine issue which has a four page article on the new Tenchu game. For starters, the game has been given a fresh start. Both characters have been redesigned as well as a whole new voice cast. On top of that, Famitsu reports that the the new techniques in the game are the smoothest yet. With the original team back in tow and new and improved elements added to the mix, this Tenchu looks to be shaping up pretty nicely. And just like No More Heroes before it, Ubisoft has picked up the rights to publish the game over here in the states! If you Tenchu fans are still out there, get ready for a treat! See the translated info below on story and gameplay details!

  • - main characters are Rikimaru (the white-haired guy) and Ayame (the girl)
    • - the story is set 1 year after the riots caused by the Witchcraft Lord “Tenrai”. Some troubled activities still remain uncovered on the Gouda territory, and the forces behind these activities are starting to gain in power. In addition, another incident related to the abduction of the princess Kiku (Lord Gouda Matsunoshin’s daughter) occurred in the meantime. In the end, it’s up to the ninja Rikimaru, one of the most faithful Gouda servant, to investigate these incidents…
    • - it’s basically a “Stealth Ninja Action Game”, so the best key words that could describe this game’s mechanics are : “Sneaking” and “Assassinating”.
    • - the graphical production, the action, as well as every dramatic aspect have been considerably improved for this new entry. Could apparently be “the epitome of the series”.
    • - refreshed character design, and a new set of actors too.
    • - the specificities of each character lie essentially in their many killing techniques, which are each emphasised with their own “assassination cutscene”.
    • - perform various classic spy moves, such as hiding in water, climbing on ceilings and sneaking on ceiling boards, hiding in dark corners, transporting and dissimulating bodies, hiding inside the baggage of itinerant caravans to sneak inside heavily guarded places,…and many other possibilities, including moves entirely new to the series.
    • - Use your spy moves freely to hide yourself, collect informations, and strike when you find an opportunity ; these are, basically, the very foundations of the infiltration gameplay.
    • - A series of screenshots shows a special move allowing you to throw an enemy’s body directly into a water pond right after killing him, thus hiding the body.
    • -”using various ninja tools (smoke bombs, shurikens,…) has always been one of the series strength, and this time is no different”. In fact,it looks like this time around, the functionalities of these items will be based around the fact that you’ll also be able to use these in combination with the Wiimote and nunchuk motion controls/pointer. We will apparently be able to learn more about about that in an upcoming issue.
    • - seems like the official site “www.tenchu.net” will be updated on June 7th with infos on the game.

    Thanks Neo Gaf

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3 Responses to “Tenchu 4… gameplay video.”

  1. DW on June 7th, 2008 4:20 pm

    Sorry, none of those things will do it for me, or a lot of other gamers out there who felt that series ended many years ago.


  2. DaveDaGamer on June 7th, 2008 4:52 pm



  3. mixmastermace on August 18th, 2008 10:25 am


    If there is truly nothing this game can do to make you enjoy it, then it is not the series that died, it is you who lost interest in the entire concept.


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