Tecmo Super Bowl. The greatest Football Game of all time!

Yes, for the lil ole NES. Who remembers that TECMO the great Ninjas they are were once the king of all Sports? Their Tecmo Bowl franchise was THE Football game to have. The also produced quality NBA and MLB titles. But the football franchise definately stands out.

People still love it to this day, re-enacting Last weeks awesome kick from Matt Bryant of the Tampa Bay Bucs.



The second clip is of the immortal Bo Jackson. Bo Knows football? Or Computer A.I. Sucketh? You be the judge!



Dave out!

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One Response to “Tecmo Super Bowl. The greatest Football Game of all time!”

  1. Sir-G on October 28th, 2006 4:53 am

    Well ya’ll will be happy to know Tecmo said they will agressively support the VC next year. So ya’ll should be re-living cherished moments in Tecmo Bowl soon!


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