Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 NYC launch party

September 3, 2008

Last week the TrueGameHeadz crew attended the Tiger Woods PGA tour launch party in NYC. The event was cool and alittle disappointing. I say that because the only time you got to see the man himself, Tiger was when he walked in on the green carpet. And like wise for the others stars that came through, but that wasn’t a big deal. It would’ve been nice if Tiger stepped outta his super private area and waved to the masses or at least said something to the likes of “Thanks for coming by, or check out my game and hope you enjoy it!” cause you know it was for him and his game. Plus the music was ridiculously loud and some point. People thought their ears were gonna burst! Anyways peep the video of the event below…and did Anthony Anderson say “[email protected]#K Tiger Woods????!!

Go for Gold! : Beijing 2008 Olympics Review

August 21, 2008

What up peoples. I know you must be in the thick of patriotic pride with Michael Phelps record breaking 8 Gold Medals in a single Olympics, or even amazed at Jamaica’s Usain Bolt’s unbelievable runs in the 100m and 200m World Record setting time.

The light from the global games usually means that there’s a videogame tie in as well. This year is no different as Sega does the honors and gives us a double dip. With the Wii’s Mario & Sonic at the Olympics and the more grown up fare of Beijing 2008 for the XBOX 360 and PS3.

This title packs in a whopping 38 events in 10 categories.

Most of the Olympic standby’s are here, but I would’ve liked to see the relays in. While the glamor sport of the Olympics are usually the track races, the level of difficulty for running the races in the game may turn some people off. For years Olympic games have been hindered by basic mash the buttons alternately control this year’s title is no difference.

Sega aims to add a little suspense to the start of races by having users time holding down the trigger to fill up a meter to coincide with the gun. Too bad it is more of a hindrance than a fun tool, because if you don’t hit the top of the bar your runner won’t leave the blocks. Causing you to immediately start at a disadvantage.

Because I’m an old school gamer, I know how to “beat” the system. You see, if you try to press the buttons as fast as possible, you will definitely catch carpal syndrome or snap your fingers off. What you gotta do is wrap the end of your shirt around your pointer finger and “slide” it back and forth as quick as possible.

Your character will be flying like Usain in no time :-)

I can’t for the life of me understand how in this age of pack in peripherals, that publishers don’t take advantage of the occasion and include Track mats! Ever since the original Track and Field for NES that came with the original Power Pad, it seemed like the best input for a game such as this.

Just think people actually getting off the coach and exercising during this game. (Nintendo how could you not do this?)

Either way, there are a lot of other none finger snapping events to compete in.
My personal favorites include the high jump, floor exercise, and balance beam.

Each one of these feature DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) esque inputs but with a slight twist. In the high jump you have to tap exceedingly fast to build up strenght and then tap again to jump.

For the Floor exercise you have to tap the corresponding button when your character’s foot makes contact with it. This is trickier than it sounds because the athlete is completing a dance routine and has start and stops are different intervals and can throw you off.

The balance beam is similar in that you have to have “Rhythm” with your character in order to succeed.

I keep referring to character because there are no licensed athletes in this game. That’s sort of a bummer because at this time of year people really want to be Michael Phelps or Shawn Johnson, but will have to settle for a hopeful look a like. (You get a random character for every event, may be white, black, or mixed) But I guess it helps to generalize the sport.

All in all this is a fun game to play and even more so if you have friends over. It should keep you busy till London comes around check it out!


Journey Back… Soul Calibur IV

August 9, 2008

Into this stage of history…

Soul Calibur IV is upon us. The game has long been a staple to fighting came fans. This version is actually the Fifth in the series. (Let’s not count Legends on the Wii) Getting it start on the PsOne as Soul Edge, this game from Namco could’ve easily become Tekken with swords. As we all know it became so much more.

Starting with the stellar Soul Calibur on the good for its time Sega Dreamcast. Namco redefined what a fighting game could be. Full of graphical flare and animation, this game immediately became the killer app no one thought it could be. It kept legends of fans happy until the sequel came out with a new quirk.

The original “Next-Gen” was upon us and Soul Calibur 2 saw release on all three major consoles. R.I.P. Dreamcast. But with it, came more fuel to the console war fire. Namco decided to include three special characters for each console. That announcement sent the Internets ablaze with fury about which console had the best character. PS2 got Heihachi Mishima of Tekken fame, GameCube got Link, and the XBOX got Spawn?

The first two made sense as they were tenants of said consoles, but the XBOX wasthe fledgling new kid on the block and hadn’t benefited from having a star character to include. I personally liked playing with Al but I had to concede that Nintendo’s Link was probably the most worthwhile inclusion. I mean Heihachi didn’t even have a weapon!

Soul Calibur 3 suffered from the fact that part 2 was so great. It went largely overlooked, not to mention the fact that it came out exclusively for the PS2 when everyone was anticipating the new “Next-Gen” consoles. So lets skip over that.

Which brings us to the newest iteration. Soul Calibur Eye Vee. Again Namco reached down into it’s bag of tricks and decided to give the consoles an “exclusive” character, with Darth Vader!?!?!?! for PS3 and Yoda!?!?!?!?! for XBOX360. Now, how two Jedi (technically three but we’ll talk about that lata) ended up on this stage of history is anyone’s guess. We can pretty much expect anyone who can fight to be open season for entry.

Now. First things First. The game looks beautiful on both systems. The animation is top notch, and the vistas are great. I’ve always felt that this series couldn’t look better and then it does. But I have to ask… It must be some sort of tradition or something, but how come fighting games don’t have deep character interaction and fully fleshed out endings and stories? I don’t want to read about it, I want to SEE it.

Namco first teased us with the original TEKKEN with these non-sensical CG endings. Damn right we beat the game with every character just to see those beautiful 10 sec endings. Even if they didn’t make any damn sense. But this part of the fighting game experience has not been updated. This is unacceptable, especially when the Soul Calibur series goes as far as giving you paragraphs to read about each characters personal journey and interactions. I know it may be a budget thing, but damn it, that would be NEXT GEN. Other than that you aren’t really luring me into connecting with a character other than I just like their moves. This isn’t the arcade (yes I know it’s there too) give me a reason for beating that boss who kicked my ass 32 times.

End rant… The game is still beautiful ya’ll!

The gameplay on Soul Calibur is a mixed bag. Like any fighting game ever created, there are imbalances between certain characters. To this day, Mitsurugi is too powerful and the majority of his attacks connect no matter what you do. Maxi is great for pulling out a win with constant barrage and girls (all 2,000 of them) are annoying as hell. But the game is still fun, because its beautiful to see the distinctive fighting styles collide.

Too often an important hit just misses or even worse connects but doesn’t register, but it’s often forgotten at the beginning of the next round when you release a combo straight from a Shaw Bros flick.

In this stage of history, Namco introduces a visual guard break, consisting of head, torso, and legs. When broken your character becomes more vulnerable to attack of that area and is disrobed! This is where 2,000 women is a good thing ;-). Fighting women in their skivvies may give some heart attacks and the uninitiated to sit back down after unleashing their wrath for fear of their mums or sisters questioning their playtime.

Speaking of control, I have no idea how the game works on a normal controller. Purchase of a new SC game, for me, also includes a purchase of the official arcade stick from Hori. 60 beans? That’s a steal for comfort and memories of the arcade machine in the Pizza shop. (Damn I have to many video game accessories) The Hori stick gets my full endorsement, with its metal plate for a bottom, official 8-way arcade joystick and authentic buttons with microswitches. You just can’t get a better feel. I suggest copping it, and for you trash talkers you can plug your XBL headset in as well.

As for the included characters I have to say XBOX has gotten the short end (pun intended) of the lightsaber once again. Yoda may be the most revered Jedi in history and made people wet their pants when he fought Dooku in Ep 2, but playing with him has the unduly effect of feeling cheesy on both sides.

He is too short to grab, so no grabbing Yoda. Nope, Yoda can’t even grab Yoda. I guess he got the Teflon force! Plus almost ever attack causes him to launch himself in the air and swing around like a gnat. I totally wouldn’t want to fight him in real life, much less the game. Its fun to watch Asteroth bring down the axe on him. But I guess I’m just sadistic.

Vader on the other hand, is balanced well and fights like a Zen master. Errrm Jedi Master. His attacks aren’t too powerful and it’s generally fun to fight with him. I’ll do a separate review on Vader.

But all in all they don’t stick out, but I doubt many people will rank them as their favorite SC fighters.

Who is your favorite fighter? Well now I get the chance to create my own (I know it was in SC3 but we’re not gonna talk about that, are we? Right) and take him online and vanquish the world. Although I don’t like the fact that your characters moves are identical to the character they are based on, I respect the limitation, but it would be great to add some flare to the style. Like err a drunken monk with a staff. How cool would that be?

I also wish that they included a screen capture and upload system in the game similar to Halo 3. People have made all sorts of creations online Hulk, Snake, Raiden, Altair and many many many more. It would be cool if you could legitimately send your creations to yourself and make galleries, come on “Next Next-Gen” let’s go with the simple features already.

When you create your character you get to take them online for the first time. Yippee! I get to bust some ass with my Afro Shoalin Monk Hells Wind Staff dude! I wish you could see! I played dozens of games without the dreaded lag that has plagued the one-to-one input necessary for the precision of fighting games. EVERY FRAME COUNTS! This bodes well for the upcoming Street Fighter Eye Vee! Fighting fans rejoice the time may come where we don’t have to be in the same room with each other and can really claim supremacy due to the ability to take on many more challengers.

The ranking system isn’t as robust as it could be, but it’ll suffice.

Yup that’s Soul Calibur IV in a nutshell. If you are a fan of the series, pick it up. You will definitively melt away the hours when you have friends over.

DaveDaGamer OUT!!!

In Da Cut Lost Odyssey

August 2, 2008

Furiouslee takes you in the cut with Lost Odyssey for the XBOX360. Microsoft has one helluva RPG on their console. Check it out.

New Gears of War 2 footage

May 10, 2008

This is what you guys have been waiting for! New in-game footage for the upcoming sequel Gears Of War 2. This video is introduced by none other than Cliffy b. himself giving you a little synopsis on what you’re about to see. And from what’s shown, and what I’ve guessed, the game looks pretty much the same as the first. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the original still holds up as one of the best looking 360 games to date. from the vid you can see some new elements such as the chainsaw fights and now being able to grab the enemy and use them as shield. Also you get to fight those big ogre guys and there’s more enemies on screen at once ( which finally makes sense since they’re locust!). The game will drop this November exclusively on the xbox360 and looks to give fans the same experience as the first. I just hope they give us a real ending this time! check the video below.

Bioshock movie coming!

May 9, 2008

Universal studios and director Gore Verbinski of Pirates of the Caribbean fame have teamed up to bring last year’s XBOX hit Bioshock to the big screen. Bioshock is only the latest in comic book / gaming franchises to hit the big screen. It seems every summer there are ever more “Fanboy” franchises turning up on the big screen.

With the announcement of Bioshock i’m of two minds. The great thing about the game was the story was unique and you didn’t really know what was going to happen. In the past, I remember vaguely enjoying going to see a movie in which i didn’t already know the outcome. What happened to that?

It seems as if, well I should say seemed… it is, Hollywood will only make stories that already have a vetted audience. Meaning that they will adapt books, plays, games, tv shows or whatever with proven success so there’s less chance of failure. Money makes the world go round, but in the art of story telling, isn’t the main idea to guess about the ending?

Even stories that try to remain secret, with the onset of the Internet, within hours of a viewable copy being pressed you can find out everything. I’d like some mystery surrounding the experience. I think that is the root of why I’ve increasingly stopped watching internet movie trailers and “early looks” of video games. If one has already seen the good parts, what’s left?

But then my other half of mind says, “Yes! Finally games are being recognized for their narrative merit!”

The movies can reach so many more people than the games will. But then we have drudgery from the likes of Uwe!

Thankfully we don’t have to worry about that, this film is being helmed by the man who made Disney a multi-Billion Dollar franchise out of Pirates. I think the Bioshock franchise will be safe.

P.S. check out our playview of Bioshock on the Joost network

Street Fighter IV Boss Screens

April 30, 2008

I don’t care if Chun Li is a hermaphrodite. Street Fighter IV looks HOT! It looks like devs are finally giving video games a different look. What started out as “Toon” shading, reached it’s pinnacle with The Legend of Zelda Windwaker, is now being re-invented daily on these “Next-Gen” systems. Joining the ranks of Okami, Dragon Ball Z, the newly announced Prince of Persia restart, Street Fighter IV seems to be a graphical showpiece.

Some may mistakenly call the graphics simple, but I call it EYE candy. I’mma shut up now because this entry is all about the pix. Feast.

In order of Street Fighter ll appearance:

My main my mizzle, Iron Mike… errrrm Balrog!

Maybe heads will start picking him!

Wolverine’s cousin from another mother! Vega


Now to one of my favorite characters to use: TIGER! TIGER! TIGER UPPERCUT! Sagat!


Now the Man. The Cheasyness. Balr.. Veg.. I mean Iron M.Bison!!!

That’s just too much goodness! Keep checking back for more news on Capcom’s next installment to the franchise.

Dave out!

Prince of Persia is Back!

April 30, 2008

Our boy is back! Look at the “Fresh” Prince in these ill screens from French Mag Joypad. It looks as if this title will be a “restart” for the series. With the story having nothing to do with Last-Gen’s trilogy. Based on the French Translation done by Eurogamer, the story is based on “The tales of the Thousand and One Nights” in lieu of the Arabian Nights of the past games.

One thing I do know, or I would pray for is that it’s nothing like Assassin’s Creed. The game play in AC took awhile to get used to and it was downright boring. I’m glad that the prince is back and judging by these screens he’s coming with a nice visual flair.

Dave out

GTA: IV - A perfect 10?

April 27, 2008

Yes folks. The date is upon us. The monumental undertaking that is the next installment of Grand Theft Auto will be released onto the hordes of the unsuspecting public. Let the good times roll…

What is not only led by a media blitz that may just outdo the Halo3 launch, but we are given what IGN ranks a perfect 10. (As in received a 10 out of 10 in every category) Now, don’t call me a pessimist, but what a damn minute. Are you telling me this game has no major flaws? I better experience about 30hrs of non stop ecstasy when I’m playing this thing. (30hrs? God damn! no wonder I’ve never finished any of these games)

But this one is said to have the best story, the best voice acting, the best controls, the best music, the best hot coffee… um maybe not. But you know our boyz at Rockstar won’t disappoint. There will be some reference to Hot Coffee in the game. There just has to be.

I’m sorta excited. For a long time now, I’ve wanted to play a game set in “realistic” New York City. This will be as close as I can get. Even thou it’s just based on the city, I feel comfortable that native New Yorkers will be able to find some real life hot spots.

What i’m not looking forward to is the protests of all these people blaming teen (child) violence on video games. Now with “better controls” the argument is being made that our youth are living the fantasy that it’s ok to walk up and shoot people.

I’m just waiting for the backlash from this one folks. It’s sad that as a medium video games get so much flak. Movies have been showing endless violence since the beginning of that medium. Some of our all time favorite television shows have prominently featured violence, but when it comes to playing a game, it all of a sudden brainwashes our youth. (Damn subliminal messages, I will not shoot everyone I see!!! No you can’t make me! Arrgggh) I shouldn’t poke fun at it, but its sorta sad to think that these people use that as an argument. Every one of the GTA series has had multiple movie references.

Why don’t people run down Al Pacino and egg him for playing the role of one of the most looked up to “fictional” gangsters? Why doesn’t Arnold, who may be the biggest hypocrite in the history of mankind, give back every cent he’s ever made from his movies? How come people don’t believe they can be a one man army and shoot thousands of enemies after watching his movies? I dunno.

Either way, it’s time to step into the shoes of Nico and live the American Dream.

p.s. when was the last time you saw you saw an explosion in real life? Anyone?

Big up Mavado. Gangsta for life!

In Da Cut with Naruto: Rise

April 24, 2008

Furiouslee takes you in the cut with this cell shaded goodness for the XBOX360. Watch as you take control of these popular anime characters.

In Da Cut with Devil May Cry 4

April 23, 2008

Furiouslee gives you the lowdown on this Next Gen title. This inaugural episode of In Da Cut is packed with fire! Check it out!

World War Spit!

April 23, 2008

Well I’m sure by now you guys all know that the Call of Duty franchise has been seen a great resurgence with last years dare I say “Epic” Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Once again helmed by series creator Infinity Ward, they brought back the essence of what the franchise meant from the get go. Action. Action. and a heap more Action. They also introduced gameplay elements that had gotten stale during EA’s Spielberg influenced Medal of Honor Series.

After the success of Call of Duty 2 (Set records for online play.) Infinity Ward wanted to experiment with something new. But then the greed of these super publishers stepped in. Wanting to cash in on the success of COD:2 Activision decided to put their in house dev team Treyarch on the case. Now this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because the developer was known to fans to produce quality games, even being the first dev to bring Spider-Man to a worthy game (Three actually) and they had long made skateboarding synonymous with Tony Hawk. So what the heck right?


Not only was COD:3 a complete and utter disaster. The graphics were marginally better than COD:2, the gameplay and story wore thin. This was a shining example of how to destroy a franchise. Also in my own opinion, people grew tired of the WW2 setting and wanted something new. How many times would you fight  a war that you know the outcome of? Yes, World War Two gave you the “perfect” enemy. But Gee Whiz if I have to shoot another 10,000 Nazi’s so I can plant a charge to blow up a Panzer I just might shoot my TV. So I unofficially officially decided I’m done with Call of Duty.

” Touch the untouchable/ break the unbreakable/ Shake the unshakeable

Infinity Ward stepped onto the scene with THE FIRST TRULY NEXT GEN LOOKING GAME! With COD:4 Modern Warfare, they not only upped the ante, they brought us to the near future with true to life (Not based on current events) scenarios. What we got a fresh game that looked and played great. (Albeit if they had Rainbow’s cover system it would’ve been perfect)

The franchise was officially back, and with it’s… er… um… cliffhanger ending it left players dying for more. Part 5 couldn’t come fast enough.

Then what happens? News that COD: 5 would NOT be a follow up, but you’ll be thrown back to a WW2 setting. And you could hear the WTF’s across the globe.

I’ll let that sentence simmer a bit…

A lil more…

Just a teeny bit more…

What happened? It turns out that freaking Activision’s greed has struck again! With COD:4 exceeding all expectations they wanted another game STAT! But Infinity Ward was not prepared to deliver a follow up so soon. The big wigs got the bright idea to go back to… Treyfart I mean Treyarch. But guess what? They only had their sucky WW2 engine sitting around, and to make a “Modern” game would probably put them on the same timeline as Infinity to deliver a sequel.

So Uncle Big Wig said eff it, just use those cutting room floor levels from COD:3 and slap a 5 on it and give it to us STAT!

So the gamers are left with crap. I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone with this, but for really real. That’s what it feels like to this gamer. The days of devs taking their time to give us a great experience is gone by. With this super publishers seeking to milk the marrow out of the cold dead bodies of our franchises.

WHY? Has “Next” gen come at such a cost as we won’t have any lasting memories when we get older? Just think about it. Kids 10 - 15yr old don’t know anything but disposable games with highly forgettable characters. (But that’s for another post) These large companies are killing the industry.

Someone, somewhere stand up for our rights as content consumers and say, “ENOUGH OF THIS BS, GIVE ME A GOOD GAME… Please?”