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Play Theater: Super Mario Galaxy 2 First Star!

It’s a Meeeeeee Mario! He’s back and still holding the crown. Nintendo keeps outdoing themselves and brought the plumber back for a rare second showing on the same system. Jam packed with more content than the last, check out this Play Theater of the first star in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Play Theater: Alan Wake First 15 Mins!

The highly anticipated thriller from Remedy Games, Alan Wake, is finally here exclusive to the XBOX360 console. These kats are no freshmen to the industry giving us the gritty Max Payne series earlier in the decade. Alan Wake comes out to some strong competition this month, but as an XBOX360 exclusive and action thriller it stands along in this marketplace and there’s plenty of hype behind it. Check out the first 15mins of the game and see how the moody atmosphere draws you in. Stay tuned for the full review from TrueGameHeadz.

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Play Theater: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Gameplay

Battlefield Bad Company 2

The original “Battlefield: Bad Company” was an interesting experiment on EA’s behalf, but apparently it went well enough to warrant a sequel. And apparently this sequel is looking to up its multiplayer presence, offering up a preview/test via an online beta. We’ve given it a go, and here’s a look at what you may come to expect from the final version once it hits stores on March 2, 2010. [Continue Reading]

Play Theater: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Extended Gameplay

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Well, if my review of Capcom’s “Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles” didn’t convince you to check out the game, may some zombie blasting gameplay footage will. Check out over twenty minutes of minutes of explosive footage from one of the best lightgun shooters on the Wii, and, if you’re man enough, maybe you won’t have those bad nightmares tonight. Enjoy. [Continue Reading]

Play Theater: LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Gameplay

LostWinds 2

Last year, when the service launched, “LostWinds” was one of the groundbreaking WiiWare launch titles. It proved that you didn’t need to be a major publisher to produce something that people wanted to play. Additionally, it validated the potential of WiiWare early on, and set the bar high for indie games on the platform. Well, since it’s sequel was released only a few weeks ago, you may left wondering if it was a worthy follow up, or if it was just more of the same. We’re here to help. Check out our Play Theater which features some extended gameplay footage from “LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias” and perhaps you can figure out if it’s game enough for your Wii points. [Continue Reading]

Play Theater: WET Gameplay Footage


It’s Fall, so that must mean another beautiful lady gets her own video game. “WET,” from Bethesda Softworks stars Rubi as a clean up girl, taking care of other people’s dirty work, and she’s got the skills to do it. She’s packing both guns and swords to get the job done, no matter what needs to go down. Take a look at some extended gameplay of this versatile, action-packed, cinematic, grindhouse inspired game. [Continue Reading]

Play Theater: Halo 3: ODST – 25 Minutes Of Gameplay


Another year, another “Halo” game. At least this time around “Halo 3: ODST” tried to mix things up a little bit. Check out the almost 25 minutes of gameplay in the video below if you’re still curious about what the game has to offer, and whether or not you should take another trip to New Mombasa… just this time, without Master Chief. [Continue Reading]

Play Theater: Star Wars Clone Wars – Ten Minutes Of Gameplay

Star Wars The Clone Wars

No matter how you feel about the new Star Wars movies, you have to admit that the Clone Wars are pretty badass. And, when something is badass, it generally gets its own video game. Sure, there have been other “Clone Wars” games, but the most recent “Republic Heroes” release for pretty much every console imaginable attempts to step up the game. Check out a solid ten minutes of gameplay from the Xbox 360 version of the game, and decide for yourself whether it is more original trilogy, or new trilogy. [Continue Reading]

Play Theater: Shadow Complex Gameplay

Shadow Complex
Well, it looks like Chair and Epic have proved that you can still make a side-scrolling game that people will like. Their release of “Shadow Complex” has broken XBLA records, and is actually a good game. If you’re one of those people who is still just a bit on the fence about just how amazing the game is, check out twelve minutes of gameplay footage that you won’t see from the demo, and then, just go buy the game and see it for yourself. Don’t make me have to tell you again. [Continue Reading]

Play Theater: Twenty Minutes Of Nazi Shooting Footage From Wolfenstein


“Wolfenstein” is one of the most beloved FPS franchises, going back as far as FPS franchises go. After a long break, Activison brought back the franchise a few years ago, and, today, released the latest title in a long line of Nazi hunting games, entitled simply “Wolfenstein.” Check out today’s Play Theater for “Wolfenstein” which features almost twenty minutes of gameplay footage, and it can help you figure out if this game will be the one that brings you back to the Castle. [Continue Reading]

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