TGH invades Comic Con NYC!

August 2, 2008

Unit here with my other half Sir-G as we hold it down at the 2008 Comic Con in NYC. The event was madness and i had to control myself from spending $$$ on so much stuff! Peep the video below.
Unit out…

Here comes The Next Avengers!

June 7, 2008

Marvel is back at it with their next animated feature…The Next Avengers! From the look of things one can see that this Marvel’s version of the DC animated hit series Teen Titans minus the heavy anime influence. I can say this does look interesting and I’ll def’ be checking it out but at the same time i won’t be rushing to get a hold of it. Marvel is definetly improving a bit with their animated features but have along ways to go compared to DC’s animated flicks. Especially with their upcoming Batman animated feature Gotham Knights. Peep the trailer below and try not to laugh when you hear the Hulk at the end!

Watch this! Hulk vs. Abomination clip

May 24, 2008

Those of you who felt that the last Hulk movie didn’t show enough “HULK SMAAASH!!” check this small clip from the newest film. In it Hulk goes ballisitc on the Abomination and you can here the Abomination speak for the first time. This scene looks great and is just a small taste of what we can expect from this flix. June 13 can’t come soon enough!

New X-Men Cartoon!

May 11, 2008

Whoa Baby! I don’t usually get excited about cartoons nowadays, but this new trailer for the X-Men cartoon “Wolverine and the X-Men” looks to be good. It seems as if something has happened to Professor X and the X-men have disbanded (follows up after the movie?). Wolverine takes it upon himself to rally the troops and go search for him. I gotta say I love the style that this iteration is drawn in, and I’m definitely looking forward to the figures. HULK SMASH! Check out the trailer!

HULK SMAAASH! new trailer!

May 3, 2008

Comic book movies are on a roll this summer! And the latest to hit us is the new marvel flix “The Incredible Hulk” starring Ed Norton as the good ol’ Dr. Bruce Banner a.k.a. the Hulk. This version seems to satisfy those fans that weren’t quiet happy with Ang Lee’s version (altough i enjoyed it myself, there were some problems). In this one the Hulk will finally fight someone that’ll have about the same strength as him, the Abomination. Get ready this summer for what is sure to be one of the baddest fights in comic book cinema! The Hulk smashes theaters on June 13, peep the trailer below!

A day at the 2008 NY COMIC CON

April 20, 2008

So i finally got to check out the biggest comic con to hit ny (which is in it’s 3rd year btw) since forever. To sum it up quickly, it was fun and exhausting. Upon entering the javits center in which it was held, you were immediately surrounded buy storm troopers, cosplayers, life sized statutes of various cartoon and comic book characters, movie trailers, and people handing you flyers and pamhplets advertising stuff you should watch or buy. But one thing was very apparent as you got through the actual entrance to the floor…videogames are taking over. There was a large g4tv rv parked right at the front with huge tv’s attached to the side with gamers glued to them playing the fps enemy territory. As you looked to the right, large lcd’s were displaying a demo of EVE online. A little past that all the kids were crowed in and around the namco bandai booth playing the latest naruto fighting game. And not to be forgotten, konami had a large area set up where they were demoing the first u.s. playtest of MGS4 online and as you could guess the lines were long and the wait longer.

There were several other game areas set up around the floor, but i found it alittle odd how they were all positioned right at the entrance to a comic book convention. I guess if you have the cash you can setup where ever the hell you’d like. Also another big eye opener is the amount of figures and statues that were strewn about! Talk about hot shit overload! There were so many things i wanted to buy it was making me sick. I was able to keep it under control and that’s sadly because i have no where to put that stuff in my small apartment. But one day when i get that house…wooowee lookout!

And lastly we come to the actual “comic” part of the whole convention. They were still represented in full effect but were def taken a back seat to the things mentioned above. DC and marvel had panels were their artist were doing sketches and signings. Tim Roth along side a life sized replica of the hulk himself was on hand promoting the new Hulk flick. A little further to the back was a hella lot of venders selling original art, classic rare comics, more toys and statues, shirts , you name it they had it. The anime and manga scene was also a large presents at the show. It was so true what my friend LeSean Thomas had said about the state of anime and manga at the convention. He said that if you looked around and saw all the young kids and teenagers, none of them were dressed as hulk, spidey,superman, batman etc. they were all dressed as various characters from different mamgas and animes out there. And he was so true about that fact. And it further shows how anime and manga has impacted our culture especially on the youth of today. It’s an unstoppable force that’s taking over.

All in all i had a good time (had to go back a second day to treat myself!). I ran into a couple of friends i haven’t seen in a while, saw some sick costumes and ugly ones, saw some of my favorite artist (David finch autographed sketchbook woohoo!!), bought some cool tees and took some cool pics. Stay tuned for our 2008 NY COMIC CON video special (TrueGameHeadz tv) with extensive footage and interviews from the show floor.

Unit out…

New Spidey game hitting soon!

April 18, 2008

You knew it was gonna happen, after all the last Spider-man game came out like what 2 years ago? The guys at activision and treyarch felt the need to introduce yet another spiderman game unto the masses. Entitled “Spider-man: Web of Shadows” this new title will hit every current known platform on the market today, the 360, wii, ps3, ps2, psp, ds, and pc so everyone can have a little web swinging fun! Little known information is avaliable at the moment ‘cept for a trailer which reveals some of what’s going down in the game and from what’s shown, it looks to be an attack on everyones favorite city the big apple by symbiote that seems to have exploded all over the place. Peep the site and check the trailer and stay tuned for more info as it appears.

Unit out…

Stan Lee, The man.

April 18, 2008

“Stan Lee received the first-ever New York Comics Legend Award at a special VIP party at the Virgin Megastore in New York City’s Times Square.”

Not entirely sure what was VIP about it as it was in a public place, but TrueGameHeadz was there hoping to get a glimpse of your “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” or something Iron or Green. No such luck. We got to eat beef in a blanket and some half sliders, to wash down our Brooklyn *shit* Lagers. At least the Virgin waitresses were worth watching.

The powers that be remembered to honor an icon of the industry while he’s still alive. Stan Lee (85), creator of the Marvel Universe and many of the personalities by which we define the word “Hero”.
From University Avenue in the Boogie Down Bronx, NY this man is a great story teller.

This year’s New York Comicon looks to be the largest yet. Featuring tons of new content over three days at the Jacob Javis Center, (We are about tired of going there for events, New York must have another place to host conventions right? right!!! right???) We’ll keep you posted on all the latest and greatest that goes down.

Stay tuned Spidey fans…