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E3 ‘09: Post E3 Thoughts From DW

June 8, 2009

If you ever had the opportunity I would highly recommend that you go to E3. While the cost of attending can be steep, I think that it would well worth it for anyone who plays and loves video games.  If you go their to work though, I’m sure you may look at the experience a little differently.  For those of us who don’t have to work when we attend, it’s can be a great experience.


I really enjoyed God of War 3. Wasn’t that expected?  Well being the last game in the series, Sony needs to out do themselves in every wa yet again.  With the way things look, it looks like they may just accomplish a three-peat.  I don’t think the game will any one “specific” desire of a gamer but it may do a good job of satisfying you mostly.  It was easy to play and fun maintaining everything you know about the series and adding some new gameplay mechanics here and there.  It may not have the visual fidelity of Heavy Rain but it is still impressive looking; especially when you consider the camera work and other visual tones added to the game.  Sony seemed to have been in full force this year and they had way more titles to show off compared to the last two E3 Shows.  If you haven’t seen the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves live demo during the E3 press conference, I highly recommend that you do.  Naughty Dog will go down in history as being one the greatest developers for Sony of all time. [Read more]

E3 ‘09: Photos From The Show Floor

June 6, 2009

For those of you who couldn’t make it to California for E3, I put together a select few of the 900+ photos I took of the showroom floor.  It was painful going through all those photos but I picked these and tried to show all the different rooms.  To get an idea of the layout, from a platform standpoint, Nintendo and Sony were grouped together in the same hall while Microsoft separated itself from the three. Whether this was intentional, no one really knows but Microsoft.  It was painful going between the two locations but in a way you had reserve one day for the Microsoft hall and the remaining two for Nintendo and Sony.

If you had interviews with developers and like it is hard to play games.  I heard other bloggers, interviewers and the like saying that this format, the original (having everything in one location) is much better.  Indeed, I would recommend anyone who has the time and funds to take part in E3.  You may be surprised at the amount of executives walking around but they are quite easy to approach and talk to. I had lunch with one sound designers from God of War 3 for example and I spoke with a concept artist who worked on the same game while standing in line for Starbucks.  Well if you can make it next year, look us up! [Read more]

Noitu Love Review: Finally, A Game That Doesn’t Make Sense Again!

April 24, 2009

Noitu LoveBack in the glory days of the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the early start of the Super Nintendo, game developers didn’t care how crazy a platformer’s plot was; all you needed was a character shooting, fighting or jumping on his or her enemies on their way to a goal. That was the end of all the muss and fuss, and the games would become popular because they kept people interested. The only plot you needed was in the instruction manual, or the opening title sequence, and there were usually enough holes and crazy developments in a single plot that you’d need a pincushion to stick a needle in them all. After all, who in their right mind would send a single man with a robotic, swinging hand to defeat the Nazis (”Bionic Commando”), or have a blue-collar worker from Brooklyn enter a pipe bigger than most taxis and go to a world with mushrooms that make you grow to save a princess that has been captured by a large, spiked turtle. Those games are still great, and, nowadays, developers only do so much to keep the insanity in a “good” game. [Read more]

A Closer Look at Flash Games

April 20, 2009

Flash Games

If you type in “games” into any search engine you will find a site which contains games made for web browsers, running on a software platform called Flash. Macromedia Flash is a powerful medium for entertainment and animation, but, back in 1995, when Tom Flup decided to create a website dedicated to flash users called Newgrounds.com, it brought along a huge sub-culture of game developers with insane ideas for a constantly developing program with which to expand their craft. Now, this relatively simple system has exponentially grown into a genre all it’s own. [Read more]

TGH invades Comic Con NYC!

August 2, 2008

Unit here with my other half Sir-G as we hold it down at the 2008 Comic Con in NYC. The event was madness and i had to control myself from spending $$$ on so much stuff! Peep the video below.
Unit out…

New Spidey game hitting soon!

April 18, 2008

You knew it was gonna happen, after all the last Spider-man game came out like what 2 years ago? The guys at activision and treyarch felt the need to introduce yet another spiderman game unto the masses. Entitled “Spider-man: Web of Shadows” this new title will hit every current known platform on the market today, the 360, wii, ps3, ps2, psp, ds, and pc so everyone can have a little web swinging fun! Little known information is avaliable at the moment ‘cept for a trailer which reveals some of what’s going down in the game and from what’s shown, it looks to be an attack on everyones favorite city the big apple by symbiote that seems to have exploded all over the place. Peep the site and check the trailer and stay tuned for more info as it appears.

Unit out…

Headz Bob, Afro Hitz the Game Scene

April 17, 2008

If looks could kill, Afro’s would have razor blades hidden in them and Afro probably keeps his nice n’ sharp. Check out the trailer for the new game -

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FIRMWARE 2.30 LOomS: FanBoys get whet ^_^

April 10, 2008

No INGAMEXMB yet, as it is by far the most touted request for PS3 owners out there. Don’t tell that to Unit though, as his blu ray disc reader wasn’t the best when he received his console. Still, new comers and old ones will get a fancy update in 2.30 that’s no slouch.

Another, small complaint, for the AV-files out there was that, though the PS3 is the best bluray player on the market, it didn’t support true DTS-HD sound. Well, until now. DTS HD sound is now included in this firmware update, so expect to keep your neighbors awake at night while playing DarkSector. The lovely Grace Chen (sp) from PlaystationBlog has more of the nitty-gritty in the video below.

From Crackle: PlayStation Store video walkthrough

Gaming - Week 2, 2008

January 15, 2008

Already 2 weeks gone in the new year - where does the time go? That’s 50 more weeks of OMG moments, and God knows what else. It’s obvious that the third week is not living up to its’ predecessor so let’s see what happened. Best thing this side of the Galaxy comes in small packages and that’s Yoda on the 360 Version of Soul Calibur IV. You either thought it was a desperate attempt by Namco to put Yoda on the 360 and Darth on the PS3 for there final rump in the SC series or you probably felt that it was eau naturelle. Whatever your reason most of us enjoy these characters on screen and play. I was left wondering if the WII version was being made and was also hoping for another sword wielding character from the Star Wars Universe[Luke]. Not one person seemed to notice it was left out so perhaps the WII owners don’t care about SC to begin with. Ask and you shall receive they say… well, most of the time at least.

Since we’re talking about Nintendo, Alone in the Dark got delayed again but nothing stopped the WII VC manics from releasing a ton of new VC games. Adding to the ever growing list - see for yourself. Compliments to VC Console Reviews for keep that list up to date. Why did I collect all those catridges though? Because like you, I am avid collector and originals matter. So that’s why you can get Smash Brothers for $19.82 over at walmart - well at least you could. Chuck it to a bad typist as the brawler was going for cheap last week at Wal-Mart but the price has already been correted, so don’t bother going to the web page. I did enjoy hearing that the new Bionic Commando was possible on the system though, as is any other game if developers so pleased to develop for the WII.

But not so for those 360 owners. My dreams of getting those original XBOX titles [yes, I don't own an XBOX, or a 360] that I wanted may never see the light of day as the dwindling backwards compatible list for the next gen system grows even shorter. Honestly, so what? If the system can kick out games like Omega 5 for the next two years then I’m sold [minus the mental stress everytime I boot up]. Since this console is ahead in the game, we may see version 3 sooner than expected.

Team XBOX was a little harsh on Omega 5 in my opinion. They rated it 6.5/10! You have to wonder but its like the man said “why would I have a shooter fan rate a shooter game?” Something about the story being horrible but to begin with shooter titles have had cryptic-non-existant stories since Alien Invasion [much like fighting games], so we expect that but a score of 6.5 was personally un fair from the view of my fighter jet. In addition, key elements that make a solid multiplayer does not exist but again, its a shooter. Well there’s that 4 player tank game that I can’t get enough of whenever I go by a friend who has a 360, so I get it. Still Omega 5 was not deserving of a 6.5: I was thinking more along the lines of 8 or 7.5. That’s just me - I like shooters and that’s the way the cookie crumbled.

The funniest thing announced last week was about the PSN XMB. By now, you should know the strong desire for this feature amoung PS3 owners. I have a strong desire for it too but the minute blog.playsation.com posts an update about firmwares, you see strong replies of the most garbled text ever conceived by man or gamer:

“ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb”



Check out this link for good laughs at the PS3 owners. Hey I’m one so you can laugh at me to. It’s as if its’ some sort of morse code that says “If you don’t release this thing now … you’ll pay.” Sony announced that it will implement the feature in 9/2008 to keep the ravaging masses at bay. God speed to there efforts. That’s about week 30’something once the “In-game-Music” requests start. I’m counting and still waiting on the broken promise called Home. Thirty, or forty something wasn’t enough but Insomiac promised us last week that Resistance 2 will boast 60 man player tournies. Indeed, I’ve had my fair share of madness on a solid 40 man MP game, but 60 is just begging for Spawn kills. Oh by the way, its more fun on small maps and its only on the small maps do the words “Frag Fest” actually make sense. So snake can’t join in on the fragging for a while it would seem.


Konami announced that the game will not hit Gold till some vague date that we nor any other site knows around the equinox of Quarter 2. Get this, a nice slap in the face to yours trully, the Japanese version will hit Quarter 1. Unfair? Maybe. Over at CES 2008 Sony left us impressed over its’ new OLED Monitors. The monitor is made up of layers of special made organic polymer molecules that conduct electricity. Take a look below - something about 3 credit cards thin, or three credit cards to purchase. I’m not sure which one comes first -

[youtube width="425" height="335"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTEt5o_jt30[/youtube]

No backlight, 1,000,000:1 CR, thinner than my X girl-friend; what’s not to like? The technology, something I read in a Popular Science mag years ago, is based on Organic Tech. The only thing cooler than that is the obvious lead that BRDVD took last week over HDDVD but who’s keeping score. But the advantages of the technology include these facts -

  • its cheaper to make which means it should cost less than plasmas or LCDs
  • the technology makes it possible to do things like roll-up displays or those that can be bent, which means you won’t break your psp monitor when you sit on it
  • believe it, the range of colors is greater than LCDs or Plasmas
  • 180 degree angle view may become a thing of the future
  • no backlight, no affects on the color, contrast ratio, and other things that give images problems
  • average response time is about 0.1 milliseconds while LCDS do 8 - 12

On the darkside of things the life of the units are limited since they are organic-based and have been recorded to go up to 5000 hours of use. Remember the saying “don’t use Windex on your LCDs” well put any type of liquid on these babies and they’re gone forever. What really took the OMG moment for me last week was the one hundred and fifty inch [150"] plasma display by Panasonic. I had to spell that out. Can you imagine … ? Maybe if you walked to one of the jumbo trons in Midtown Manhattan you could but this goes into the realm of a True Home Theatre design and deep-deep pockets.

[youtube width="425" height="335"]http://youtube.com/watch?v=Khb0HUIMZ6Y[/youtube]

And they said Plasma couldn’t go beyond 60 inches. Do invite me for weekend movies if you purchase this bad boy.^_^

Gaming - Week 1 2008

January 7, 2008

The best way to start a new year is to flood the market and gaming scene with a plethora of rumors, demands, ideas, and Lord knows what else to confuse everyone even more. Gamers and owners of the PS3 are not confused though as they are thoroughly in belief that this year will be the year of the PS3. While another Rumor is that MS has a big surprise at CES 2008 [another system perhaps to answer all those returns consoles, melting motherboards, RRODs and law suits]. Still, the first week in the year hit hard with tons of speculations but all good for all of Gamedom. No 360 is not MGS4, No 360 is not getting an HDDVD version. Even MS denounced that one.

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Welcome to 2008!

January 2, 2008


No later than a few days after the year started, rumors are spreading. The 12-14 Months in advance type to say the least. PS3Fanboys foretells of a possible color change to the PS3, as well as BluRay going to Warner - all out. Though the next quote is not a rumor, GamePolitics.com posted an interesting comment about fizz, aka Soft Drinks, aka Soda for whatever part of the world you come from. The shocking news claims that fizz contributes to Obesity. I could have told anyone this, but it is true, the Corn Syrup used in most soda’s promote your bodies inability to break down fat. Less fat broken down and well … you become fat. Don’t get me wrong, I love fizz like the next gamer but perhaps a WII is in order. Drink 100% juice drinks to solve that problem.

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Last Week in Gaming … Final Post.

December 21, 2007

The year is almost over. Before we take a look at what happend last week take a look at the the New TrueGameHeadz GameSlap Guide and fill your stockings!

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.heavy.com/ve/ebf3e2ee1e6cdc5ae3738160977201c8" height="512" width="512" /]

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Last Week In Gaming …l

December 10, 2007

Someone should have told the young man at Blogeek.com.br about marketing vengence. The Brazilian based blog site was the first site to post pictures of Street Fighter IV if you didn’t know. Capcom marketing didn’t take it too lightly, following up with a few warnings, threats, and suits scaring the one-man site into dark corners of Street Fighter. The point is, he blogged about something that a ton of people would have found out about anyways across the blog-verse. Maybe they were trying to time online blog news?

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This week in Gaming …

December 1, 2007

And what a saucy, spicy, paprika filled week it was. Where to begin? David Gertsmann is the game reviewer that we all didn’t know who we claimed to know and love at Gamespot reviews this past week. In the spice filled portion of this weeks gaming soup, Gertmann was fired from Gamespot for reasons less comparable to poor job performance. As a matter of fact, the saying goes is that he was let go from his position simply because he gave Kain and Lynch a less than stella score.


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