Wario Shaking it Up on Wii

July 4, 2008

2d gaming is back and on the Wii courtesy of Nintendo! In Wario’s latest adventure Wario Land: Shake it!, our hero is back and up to his old treasure hunting/stealing self. In this adventure players will use the Wii remote and hold it sideways classic controller style. And by shaking the controller, Wario will perform some on screen actions such as shaking items or tilting left and right to maintain balance.

Whats also cool about this Wario title is the arts style that developers/creators chose for the game; which you can see is a more animated/anime style. The previous Wario titles were all fun, and held their own unique style of play compared to the traditional Mario games. This title will be hitting Japan this fall. The US version is still TBA. Check the Japanese intro and gameplay footage below.

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