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Support Dan Hsu’s Latest Web Venture - BITMOB!

Hey, dudes and duders. How goes it? I have a short bit of information today on a very important topic that you all are probably a bit interested in, videogame journalism. Dan “Shoe” Hsu is coming out with a new website called BITMOB, and it should be up in a couple of weeks. For those of you who don’t know who I’m talking about, Shoe was the previous editor-in-chief for EGM, and really helped propel the magazine to the forefront of videogame journalism. Sadly, EGM no longer remains, but that hasn’t stopped Shoe from bringing videogame news to the masses.

In a recent blog post, Shoe states, “Assuming tech, design, God, and karma all cooperate with us, our scaled-down prototype alpha site should be live in less than two weeks.”

So when it finally goes live, please check it out and support the site. You can sign up for an email feed at BITMOB.com. But, as always, after your done supporting that site, come back to TGH, because we are totally awesome, and you need us in your life to survive.

Anyways, take care everyone. And if your reading this, Shoe, please hire me. I need a job and you are a game journalism god. I will work for peanuts just so that I may be under your tutelege… sorry guys, I’ll stop now.

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