Street Fighter IV Storms Up … A Laugh?

OMG!  Before I wail on the American voices in “Street Fighter IV,” I want to point out something; my Japanese gaming friends tell me that they themselves cannot stand the Japanese voice overs in game. As a matter of fact, they hate them as much we hate American voice overs. However, we can all coexist when the British come through,  “Final Fantasy XII” is proof of that.  Case and point: the latest “Street Fighter IV” Trailer:

Don’t worry, I pre-ordered mine anyways. Somehwere in the options I hear you can specify each characters’ default language/region; like how “SFIII” was … by default!  From a marketing stand point, its obvious they’re hitting up that Saturday Morning Cartoons crew (if you call that SMCs these days).

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5 Responses to “Street Fighter IV Storms Up … A Laugh?”

  1. sNsKid on January 22nd, 2009 12:43 pm

    There is nothing wrong with the voice acting in SF4.
    While it’s not on par with RE5’s cast it doesn’t take away from the game.
    I actually recognize a few of the voices from other games.


    DW Reply:


    Dude, are you telling me that you like that Cartoon network stuff? Ahh well to each other.


  2. Jonny D on January 22nd, 2009 12:58 pm

    Awkward at first probably for a lot of people, but I get used to them, and some are actually really great sounding to me.
    Besides, is it wrong for me to want to jump that subtitle gap once in a while, encouraging, and in the future, celebrating great translation writing? I’m just sad they didn’t re lip sync the dub animations for total immersion.


    DW Reply:

    @Jonny D,

    Indeed. You know there was only one Anime show that I ever liked with this type of voice over work and that’s Golden Boy. This type of voice over work only seems to apply to comedy!


    Jonny D Reply:


    Haha yeah. Luckily the fortunate games give the option for our own sound choices. Gotta blame the NA director’s casting then on this one.
    The VAs in Japan get so famous though compared to over here, so I’d like that industry to improve, mostly because I’ve dabbled a bit in VA work (nothing professional…yet!)


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