Steet Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 5: Homeward Bound

Today, Joystiq announced (via Famitsu) that Capcom will offer exclusive content on Sony’s Home for both “Resident Evil 5″ and “Street Fighter 4.”

“Resident Evil 5″ will host its’ own personal game space on the community-based service. If you’ve been paying attention diligently to the site as of late (as I know you’ve all been), then you, no doubt, remember an article I wrote suggesting some ways that Sony can set themselves apart from the 360 in order to break away in the sales race in 2009 - one of them was to pledge more service toward home.  Currently,  Home has two gamespaces; one for “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” and one for “Farcry 2″. A “RE5″ space is somewhat more exciting considering that its’ gamespace could be with the game from day one. Players will be able to take part in various “RE5″ themed events - and I’m opening to hearing some suggestions any of you may have as to what those events could be.

“Street Fighter 4″ will be receiving a post-release patch that will give players the opportunity to do something that Sony promised when they first announced Home; jump straight into online matches from Home.  This is exciting news for anyone who has wanted to beat up on butthole community members who only go on Home to ruin other people’s time. Now when someone stands in front of you, typing obscenities while you bowl, you can finish your game and jump right into a match against the mischievous heckler, where you will no doubt teach them the error of their ways. You’ll also be able to buy “SF4″ themed costumes  for your avatar.

So, Waddya think? The “RE5″ gamespace could be very helpful for anyone having trouble with the game (the demo was tough enough), and being able to finally jump from Home to in-game battles will be refreshing. Looks like Sony is finally getting some steam behind their small little community project. With EA developing an all new Home space, and Capcom pledging support for their A-list titles, Home seems to be catching the eyes of developers and publishers alike. Imagine what Home could have done for games with not so big a budget, say… “Shadow of the Colossus,” or “Beyond Good and Evil.”

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