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Splinter Cell Conviction Interview: Sam’s Back, And He’s Pissed

Spinter Cell Conviction

It’s been three years since Sam Fisher’s last outting, but apperently the phrase “time heals all wounds” doesn’t apply to this special ops agent. In “Spinter Cell Conviction” Sam’s back and he’s out to find the people behind his daughter’s, supposedly accidental death. Just like with every “Spinter Cell” game, Mr. Fisher has some new tricks up his sleeve, but this time around those tricks aren’t going to be new toys. Since he is going out on his own for this mission, he doesn’t have DARPA behind him this time around, but that doesn’t mean that this game is going to be boring. Check out what Unit found out about what to expect from “Splinter Cell Conviction” when he interviewed Ubisoft Montreal’s Lead Game Designer Steven Masters at a recent demo in NYC.

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