Spartan Maddness on BluRay

The movie that caused a mad rush of insane user movies over at YouTube with the likes of Unitied300 [my favorite of the lot] has made it to Bluray this week. If you haven’t seen this flick, you owe it to yourself to at least go to a friends house to check out the BluRay release. If it looks anything like the like the IMAX presentation that I saw, then buy it if you own the PS3, or Bluray player.

If Spartan Warfare isn’t your thing and your stuck in the current times, you can also pick up Shooter, staring M.Waldberg and D. Glover on BluRay.  It was good seeing Danny in this role, even though he played a villain but this movie is seriously underrated.  It’s akin to the old westerns you would watch with your uncles growing up; one man, got played, takes revenge the hard way.  Simple and to the point.

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