Sony see’s the light with Next Generation of the PSP


I have to gather my thoughts before I go into this PSP rant. Before you flaming flamers get on me saying that i’m biased or any of that jazz. I must state that I am a lover of all games and systems (I own all of them).

But the overbearing love for the Nintendo DS (Handhelds in general) always seems to point to a failure on the PSP. Now i think that this is unfair. Why? Because the PSP didn’t fail. It just didn’t match tit for tat with the Nintendo upgrade to their Gameboy platform. Which was thoroughly expected. What did Sony do? They had to come hard with a far superior system in terms of functionality, graphics, and performance to even enter the market.

It’s exactly the same strategy that Microsoft deployed when they launched the original Xbox. They couldn’t just put in a system with “comparable” specs to a PS2, they had to throw in a lot of “Extras” that in some stages were considered fluff. This also drove up the price point. People scoffed when they “INCLUDED” a Hard Drive and Broadband only gaming, but can you imagine this next-generation without it? They proved it was feasible.

Back to PSP, Sony knew that they couldn’t release just any old handheld. They decided to add in “Extras” such as MP3 player, Video Player, Web Browsing, Photo Viewer etc. Most of these were cosidered “Fluff” but they were building blocks for the first generation handheld. They did things first. Co-op play over the internet? Movies on a handheld? Surfing the Web?

As you PSP owner’s know, the most frustrating thing with “Surfing” the web on the PSP is the “No Memory” error message that you get when you load pages. This could not be fixed because the internal memory just wasn’t enough. It is more than plenty for playing handheld games, but not for storing the images et al of a webpage.
NOW the payoff, rumors have it that Sony is readying their next iteration of the PSP. Not only that, they are going the iPod route in not giving it a numbering convention. (How silly would PSP2 sound?) I think this is a great idea. For one it sets consumers up to know that they will be releasing newer versions of the console in a timely manner. Also, it further shows the commitment of Sony to make a better product. They’ve hopefully learned from their first go-around and will be able to deliver in the next iteration. Will they topple Gameboy/Ds? Doubtful, but they can eat a bigger chunk of market share next time.

Check out the article.


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