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Skate Returns in 2010

Skate 3

I grew up with the Tony Hawk franchise. Like many gamers around my age, I can remember hearing about the game from various friends, and how cool it made you feel shredding insane lines. When I finally got my hands on the game, I was hooked, along with millions of others. Sadly, in true Activision form, they knew they had a hit on their hands, and over the next ten years they would milk the Tony Hawk franchise to death, thus opening the door for other, more innovative skating titles.

Enter the “Skate” franchise, one of the freshest takes on a genre since “Metroid Prime” took the gaming world by storm. The success of “Skate” is no secret and “Skate 2″ was hailed by some as one of the best follow-up sport games of all time. Now, not to be outdone by Activision, EA is trying to get as much out of their successful skating franchise as quickly as possible, and earlier today, they announced that the newest entry in the “Skate” franchise, entitled… “Skate 3,” will be available for retail in May of 2010.

Since “Skate 2″ just came out this year, it’s fair to wonder whether or not its sequel will contain big improvements, or simply be expansion of sorts with a higher number tacked on. But EA says “Skate 3″ will take the series in a different direction, focusing more on building a team of skaters and offering more online integration then seen before in the franchise.

“The social and community aspects of the ‘Skate’ franchise are something we’ve always embraced, but we’ve never done anything to the scale you’re going to see in ‘Skate 3,’” said senior producer Jason DeLong in the press release. “We’re giving gamers a very unique experience by providing them with the tools they need to build their ultimate team or create a team comprised entirely of their online friends.”

While that all sound cool, I hate that EA is starting to follow the Tony Hawk sales plan of releasing a game every year. When are developers ever going to learn that that is a surefire way to run your franchise into the ground, and deprive it of any creativity in the process?

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