Sept 11th Battle a Draw?

50 kanye rolling stone

Everyone is waiting to see who outsells who. But is it based on Hype or is it based on who got the better album? I mean none of us heard it yet, but people are gonna buy one or the other (or Both) based on whom they like. But straight offa my early copies I’ma let you know what DaveDaGamer Thinks.

Stay tuned…


Well I just finished listening to Kanye’s Graduation. I give it 3 1/2 outta 5 iTunes stars so far on first play through. I gotta listen to it in my headphones to really feal the production, but so far it’s tight. Right now it’s the third best out of his three (With Late Registration being the best to me) When he dropped Late, i wasn’t feeling it at first cause it didn’t really have Bangers like Jesus Walks, but it was a different musical album sonically. Just totally different and after i looked at it that way it got 5 iTunes stars. I’ll listen to it again, but now I’m off to Curtis…

stay tizzuned


Whoa BABY! Does 50 have bangers? YES! Fiddy comes hard with some bangers from Havoc (Mobb Deep) and of course the Dr. (Dre) he even got something outta the missing man Em (inem) This album is sorta what you expect from fiddy. He’s in the club. Still I get Money is The track of the album, he has some other gems like All of Me with MJB (Mary J. Blidge) and Come and Go.

Who wins? Like I said, you can’t compare. These albums couldn’t be more different from each other. 50’s all the way on this side with the griddy hip-hop club bangers and Kanye is waaay the hell over there with the Ibiza club bangers. Who wins? I say 50 cent. Stay tuned.

P.S. Curtis gets 4 outta 5 iTunes Stars due to the fact that the bangers are a little closer to my heart. AYO TECHNOLOGY.

Cop em BOTH on Sept 11th, 2007. Damn it’s been 6 years already…

P.P.S. The Greatest Album to Ever Drop on September 11th (Yes thaaat day), you know what it is. Listen to it again, it Shitz on both of these albums.

“Get zipped up in plastic when it happens that’s it” (c) Jay-Z


R.I.P. NYC 9/11/01

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One Response to “Sept 11th Battle a Draw?”

  1. Rudimus Maximus on September 11th, 2007 2:23 pm

    Either way, they’ll both be making millions of dollars they don’t deserve. I’d rather Fiddy win now after witnessing another one of Kanye’s temper tantrums backstage at the vmas. What an eff-ing cry-baby. He spazzed out yelling, “cause I’m a black man this and that!” Negro please.


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