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Save The World In 30 Seconds Or Less In Half-Minute Hero

Half-Minute Hero

If there has ever been a game made for the ADD generation it’s XSEED’s upcoming RPG for the PSP, “Half-Minute Hero.” To my knowledge, it’s the first game that comes to mind where you have to save less than a minute to save the world. That’s right, much like the “Warioware” series, “HMH” cuts out all the fluff, but, unlike “WarioWare,” “HMH” keeps the substance. There’s definitely a lot more than thirty seconds worth of gameplay, as there are actually four different, intermingling story lines (each with their own unique, time-based gameplay mechanic), and, a Goddess of Time, who allows you to buy time from her, therein extending the gameplay. It’s one of the most creative ideas I’ve ever seen crammed into a portable game, especially one that openly embraces a 16-bit (one of the best bits) artstyle. This is a game that PSP owners shouldn’t overlook when it comes out later this year. TrueGameHeadz’ own Unit had a chance to sit down with XSEED Games’ Jimmy Soga to find out more about just what a “Half-Minute Hero” is (aside from a potentially bad porn title). Check out the interview:

Half-Minute Hero Screenshots and Art:

If you’re still confused … here’s the Half-Minute Hero Trailer:

(Worth noting: the trailer is actually longer than the game…)

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