Review: Lego Batman

Holy Lego Blocks Batman! Yup it’s DaveDaGamer dropping a review on you for Lego Batman from Traveller’s Tales.

These boys are on quite a roll with their on the surface “kiddie” franchise. I say on the surface, because there is a polish to these games that are usually not found in games targeted for your lil brother or sister. These games consistently rank in the high 8’s or 9’s for review scores. That tells you they toe the delicate balance between accessibility and fun factor.

Granted these Lego games are all based on the simple premise of everything in the worlds is made up of blocks from Lego playsets. Already the game strikes a chord with us because most of us have played with Lego’s growing up and I at least imagined creating vast worlds until I ran out of blocks. Famous stores like F.A.O. Schwartz and Toy’s R Us began building huge statues of King Kong and Godzilla out of Lego’s to attract users.

Traveler’s Tales looked at this lovingly and have honed their craft to bring us their latest attraction Lego Batman. Coming off the high that was Lego Indiana Jones, coincidentally the caped crusader killed at the box office and people were all excited about Batmania once again.

The first problem for me was the story. Now I’m a fan of the Batman comics and movies (yes even the first series). But where I feel that the previous Lego games connected with us, watching the familiar scenes from movies we adored played out in silent scenes, this title is missing. You see, this game isn’t based on any particular movie, comic, or cartoon series. It is an original story that manages to get as many of the characters in as possible. While still fun I think that this title would’ve been bolstered by picking from one of the more well recognized stories of the Batman.

What further brings us away is the epic score of Danny Elfman blasting through my speakers as my lil Lego men scamper throughout unfamiliar terrain.

All in all, I think that if you’ve enjoyed the previous Lego iterations you’ll like this one as well. There are some serious laughs, and there are a multitude of gadgetry to work with. One of the coolest features of this game is being able to play the game from the villain side after you unlock the missions with Batman and the Boy Wonder. Playing as a villain is almost universally cooler and this game doesn’t disappoint.

Lego Batman is the first Lego game made for the Next Gen console and it shows. TT definitely gets a lot of expression out of their fairly simple models. That shows the genius of the animation.

One thing this game is not is short. It will take you about 15 - 20 hrs to complete 100% and you will definitely enjoy re-playing levels with new abilities.

Check out Lego Batman for your quick fix of goodness.


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