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Retro Play Theater - Code Name: Viper

Retro Play Theater

Code Name: ViperToday, I will attempt to beat “Code Name: Viper” LIVE on Mogulus. Produced by the same team behind the “Rolling Thunder” arcade game, “Code Name: Viper” is one of the most difficult games on the NES. Therefore, It shouldn’t be a surprise that the game was developed by Capcom, who created “Mega Man.”

Now, I have played this before at a much younger time in my life, although I don’t remember getting past the second level. There are 8 levels in total and there are only 3 credits. You can watch the live embed after the jump if you’d like or head over to Mogulus for all the live action.

As with last week’s unfortunate attempt, I will use whatever means necessary (as in what is programmed in the game) to win and I will either try to beat the game until the game or give up miserably. After the session is done, it will be available at On Demand on Mogulus where you can watch it at anytime.

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