Resident Evil 5 Demo - First Impressions

So, a fairly short post today, guys. Earlier this afternoon I got the chance to play the “Resident Evil 5″ demo on the 360, and I wanted to talk about my brief time with the game. For those of you, who’ve already played the demo, feel free to share your thoughts on whether or not you dug this short, zombie-stomping romp.

For the PS3 owners out there, you can read on to see what’s in store for you next week.

The demo gave players the option to experience two scenarios. I don’t remember the names, but both were available for co-op play, which was a nice touch. First I went solo and “RE5″ did not disappoint.

The first scenario begins with Chris and Sheva in a building listening to the demented villagers hold a town meeting. A man is beheaded by an executioner-brute with an extremely vicious looking axe in his hands.  A man with a megaphone seems to be the one taking center stage. Suddenly he notices our two heroes playing Peeping Tom through the windows of an adjacent building, and he summons the villagers to surround the house and extract the intruders. The action quickly picks up and you are suddenly faced with an angry hoard of infected villagers banging on the buildings walls. You can shove furniture in front of the windows, like in “RE4,” to slow them down, but eventually they will break through.

The second scenario had the two going through the streets of what I believe is an African village, and at one point forced the members to split up so that Sheva could open a door from the  unlocked side. Both scenarios were a blast, but this one, for whatever reason, didn’t seem as memorable as the first. Regardless each scenario had devastatingly powerful, and difficult, enemies at the end. Actually, I must confess that I don’t know if it was the end or not, because my friend and I both failed to beat either scenario. The first scenario had me trying to dispense of the executioner who was about 3 times the size of Chris and delivered one hit kills with his 8-foot axe. The second scenario pitted me up against a villager with a chainsaw not unlike the ones from “RE4,” except with much more health and a refined slimmer look.

The dispensing of zombie flesh is as satisfying as ever. Both characters have awesome melee animations for when the infected get a little too close. Chris has the ability to deliver a crushing punches and kicks, while Sheva, offers a brutal somersault kick to the face.

I was able to play with a handgun, rifle and shotgun. Chris’s shotgun was powerful and blew zombies away with a force more memorable than RE4. The handgun worked well enough, despite running out of bullets often. The rifle dispatched enemies quickly but seemed a bit slow on the draw.

RE5″ looks amazing and I’m really looking forward to seeing its different locales and enemies in all its beauty. My only complaint so far was that using/handling items during battle was not as smooth as I would have liked it is definitely something that will become second nature to anyone playing the game though. Check it out if you haven’t done so already, and remember PS3 aficionados, you only have less than a week to go.

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2 Responses to “Resident Evil 5 Demo - First Impressions”

  1. DW on January 30th, 2009 11:55 am

    Sounds good but I was under the impression that the story did take place in Africa (at least from all those videos).


  2. SPEK on January 30th, 2009 1:56 pm

    Me and my brother managed to end the first scenario after around 12 attempts. Great fun though. I am impressed at zombie games really changing the meaning of co-op gameplay…


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