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May 27, 2008 · Print This Article

Ever heard of Reloaded Studios? What, you haven’t? Well, neither had I until I heard that they were working on a MMO that will reap the benefits of the all powerful CryEngine2. Okay, now for the burning question: “Is it even possible to run an MMO on CryEngine, let alone CryEngine2?”

Apparently the word can’t does not exist in the Korean Developer vocabulary. Considering that the MMO market is becoming oversaturated like the FPS market, it is getting harder to convince gamers that there is anything else other than WoW that they should spend there time with. What can Reloaded Studios bring to the table other than simply statiing that they intend to differenciate? Perhaps Style, agression, and speed.

Jino Lee, the Lead Producer on the game, wants to make an MMO that’s more than just a “Cookie Cutter” game. Since this title is aiming to be an action-oriented MMO, with focus on heavy combat and gameplay satisfaction, the Koream team might pull off something worthwhile. Lee also pointed out that tools used for the development of the game, CryEngine2, were not used based on fact that it provided a graphical overdose, but instead provided tools, and mechanics, that made sense to him and his team. With that, the game might prove that CryEngine isn’t just around for good looks alone.

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