Possible DSi Price Range and Release Date for North America

New information from IGN today suggests that Nintendo’s second iteration of its handheld juggernaut, the Nintendo DSi, will release “most likely on April 4th” at a $179.99 price tag in North America.

This information comes courtesy of a report from IGN that cites sources close to Nintendo. If this report proves to be true, it would mean that a North American DSi will retail for roughly $30 dollars cheaper then the Japanese DSi which goes for $211 (18,900 yen). The DSi, which released last November in Japan, had already reached the million mark by the end of last year.

The DSi will improve upon its predeccesors, the DS and DS lite, by adding an SD card slot, upgraded interfaces and,  most notably, a built-in camera.

While I don’t own a DS or DS lite, this enhanced version of Nintendo’s unstoppble handheld seems like a solid addition. The PSP is a fantastic device, but if must-have software doesn’t start popping up on Sony’s handheld-that-could, I may just trade one in for an on the go gaming system that acts as a camera as well.

Whether you’re a PSP or DS fan, share your thoughts on if the DSi is worth the price or not, and keep in mind that nothing has been made official yet, but when information like this gets leaked, a reply from Nintendo may not be too far behind. Until next time kids.

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One Response to “Possible DSi Price Range and Release Date for North America”

  1. indofeed.com on January 14th, 2009 10:55 pm

    Possible DSi Price Range and Release Date for North America | TrueGameHeadz .:For Gamers Everywhere:….

    The new nintendo Dsi could be here in the U.S. sooner than you thought…

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